Monday, November 12, 2012

Next Episode of Hoarders

HUUWWWAAAAAGH!  Disorder abounds! 

I found out that we'll be moving in to our house a little sooner than expected, so I wanted to get some pics of the old toy room before the move.  Of course...I had meant to finish up with the rest of the MotUC stuff before the move, so they're ALL OVER the floor there.  Normally those wouldn't be there.  The other junk though - that's classic pile of crap!  But hey, why don't we take a look around at the toy room as I know it before it all changes?

Now if you look straight ahead you'll see a desk that is basically useless, since there's junk all over it.  Story of my life!  Lets have a look.

So here we have the awesome weapons racks that I felt the need to display.  Important enough to take up desk space, anyway!  Also some of my favorites there, like Gandalf, Riddler, Joker, Block War Machine guy and a bootleg Darth Vader-lookin' space warrior.  Also there's Finn from Adventure time who can't stand very well, nor can he do much else because Jazwares makes confusing choices when it comes to toys.  Also there's my stickman!

He always lets me know that it's never a bad time to panic.  Also you can see two pencil sharpeners for...some reason.  Maybe I thought I lost one at some point and bought another?  Sounds like something I'd do.  But then why do both of them need to be on the desk?  Then again, why does any of that need to be on the desk?  This was a terrible idea for a post, WHAT AM I DOING

Moving on!  Mega Man is important, so I need to see him often.  Shooting at me, no less!  Also there's a bunch of tools and some fail-safes like Krazy Glue and a..drill bit.  For drilling.  By hand?  Don't tell me how to drill! 

Also there's a cool bowl there that has a magnet in the bottom, so my metal stuff stays in there, like the hobby knife sticking out of it (which has been in my finger before as well).  And OH MAN lookit that Faygo back there!  Who doesn't like Faygo?  Who doesn't even know what Faygo is?  Who thinks the name is hilarious?  Your answers may determine whether or not you live in Michigan.

Oh yeah, and that freaky guy behind Mega Man; I haven't touched him in a good while since I posed 'em like that so I had to take a picture of him before I shoved him in with the rest of the Transformers.

Euagh!  I love this guy!  Name's Mindwipe and he's one of the freakier humanoid Transformers.  He looks even better in the pictures of him like the first one in the Transformers wiki.  I love how you can see his eyes if you look close in the visor.  Also, you can see his buddy perched on his shoulder; that's Nighthawk.  Mindwipe has holes in his arms that end up on the top of his plane mode; it allows Nighthawk to plug into him in either mode (due to pegs on his legs in robot mode or on the bottom of him in plane mode).  Pretty cool mix, especially since they both look so freaky!

Now, if we look over to the left you'll see my picture table and the junk involved around that area.

That table is for everything; pics, repairs, customs, etc.  Directly beneath it you can see the backgrounds I use and a plastic tub for various items that appear in reviews.  Also tools!  And random things.  Sometimes I tend to set aside whatever I just used so...ya know, things pile up.  There's also some junk shoved beyond the man, nice job!  So long as I can't see it!  Mostly.  Anyway, those drawer units there hold all the G.I. Joe related things, and honestly I've been thinking of rooting through and cutting that down considerably (much like with everything else). 

In front of them you can see the piled up packages of the Rise of Cobra figures to be reviewed, and hey speaking of that: What's off to the right?

Geeze, why am I showing people this?  The Horders joke is startin' to look a little more serious now.  In my defense, this is how I try to remind myself that I need to review things, but it looks as though it didn't work so well!  I'm planning on some sort of system to keep these guys in (figuratively and physically).  Or, at least pictorial evidence of my horrible storing habits should hopefully force me to find a better way to store to-be-reviewed things.

*sigh* Lets make another right turn then...(past the desk, I mean - keep turning right).

There, that saves me some explanation!  I even typed all that on there without lookin in any of those bins; I JUST KNOW.  So far I think that's some pretty good organization!  The only thing that bothers me is the SHEER MASS.  So much stuff!  Hence the reason why the Superhero (that's 6 inch, by the way) bin is actually half full now, and the next bins to get a serious cut down is gona be the Transformers. 

Otherwise: That's where all the stuff stays.  Too much stuff for one person to really enjoy, especially since they're all boxed up.  We'll see how that changes with more room.  If I find more ways to enjoy the figures, then so be it!  If not, there will most certainly be a great purge, though rest assured, I doubt my interest in toys will fade.  There just comes a point when there's no point holding on to ALL the stuff, 'cause you've only got so many hands with which to hold it.

So real quick, before we reach our final leg of the tour: I got these guys up top as basically my only displayed MotUC figures.  Why?  Well, the two behind them are the smelly guys - Stinkor and Moss Man.  I'm afraid their smells will carry over to other figures, so I keep them separate (I'm also afraid of scraping Moss Man's moss off).  The Goddess has a bum leg (though I glued it back on) so she stays out, but I actually REALLY like translucent figures, so she's sorta kept out 'cause she's just cool as well.  Same kinda goes for King Grayskull; I think he's cool.  However, I also have a problem where his hair was laying on his chest symbol and it took off some of the red (you can tell up close) and I was afraid of other figures sticking to it as well.

So now lets take a final turn to the right and check out the closet!

Ah, more bins!  It's mostly misc and Gundam stuff.  Also it's not in it's original state, as I've already started compiling for transport.  Also also there's a Zakrello on top; possibly the dumbest, ugliest, craziest thing ever used in active battle by Zeon. 

Further in the closet, however, is untouched and still needs preparation for the move...

Nerf!  And other weapons.  Plastic weapons.  Heh...yeah, the Nerf may go at one point as well, since they probably have the least use.  I'd like to let loose and shoot some stuff, but I never get around to it (and the last time I went running around in a field with friends it was to play badminton, and that'll probably happen again if we manage to get off our asses.  Badminton's pull is not unlike the powerful gravitational pull of the very life giving Sun itself!). 

Now if you just move up a little from the Nerf cluster, you'll see some random figures of whom stand for no particular reason on the top shelf in the closet (which is also the only shelf).  I like them, but for some reason they didn't make it to the desk (perhaps because they had been standing there before I got the desk; we'll simply never know the answer until someone goes back and reads the last sentence). 

Anyway, you can see Deathstroke, Eva Unit 02, Shadow Man hidden behind it, Proto Man, and Spike Spiegel.  In terms of what those figures are from: I highly suggest playing Mega Man 3, have no idea if Deathstroke is cool beyond the Teen Titans cartoon, highly suggest watching Cowboy Bebop, and warn you heavily against watching Neon Genesis Evangelion without some antidepressants on hand. 

From this point in time, I'd like to direct you to the final destination on our tour of the local landfill toyroom:  The Doom Collection.

And a few other items.  Like castles.  Those Castle Grayskulls are there because A) It keeps them up and out of the way and B) they're green like Dr. Doom, so it worked out pretty well. 

I can't say exactly how the Doom Collection started.  It's possibly because my only Dr. Doom back in the day was the one on the top right turret of the right castle.  It's the Secret Wars version, and I wasn't able to get my hands on another for years.  So when I finally found other figures, I got 'em.  Then got more.  Then I tracked down some of the older ones I never got.  Then I got more version of him like a giant one and Superhero Squad versions.  It kept going, and I figured: Why not?  We'll make it an official collection and just buy anything Doom.  ...within reason.  Statues and busts cost a LOT man, gimme a break.

I love that exclusive Superhero Squad one with the Morning Gear.  Definitely one of the highlights of the collection.  I've also only got the one minimate version so far.  I've had a chance at a few now, but I never bothered to get 'em due to other toy wants at those times.

Here's a lot of recent ones, sorta.  The Three Shared Molds there are all from Marvel Universe, of course.  I dunno why I keep buying them, 'cause that mold is actually kind of annoying; mostly with the arms.  It's hard to explain why they're terrible.  Hiding out in the back saying "Hi" is the Marvel Superheros (Toybiz) Dr. Doom with hilarious spinning arm action and lots of crazy crap to spin.  Then there's three Superhero Squad guys (including the newest one raising his arms there) and then rocking out with the guitar is Hasbro Marvel Legend's Doom from a past Fantastic Four wave (with a build-a-figure of Ronan the Accuser; whoever that is.  He's got a nice cape).  Oh, also hidden in there is a little translucent sparkly Doom holding Thor's hammer.  Forgot the name of the line he's from, but it wasn't long ago.  It also didn't appear to do very well.

Pretty sure that giant Doom is Hasbro, but I can't remember.  Anyway, he's pretty cool.  I normally don't buy big figures like that (at least, not of guys who aren't normally that big) but you know...Doom Collection and all.  Then of course, that's where I keep all my little guitars...with the most METAL collection of figures. 

On the left we have Toybiz Marvel Legend's Dr. Doom (Doombot variant).  He was my first figure of Doom after my original Secret Wars one.  Cool figure, but the mask falls off way too easily.  On the right we have Marvel Select Doom (that's where the big chair came from) who counts as the only Doom capable of relaxing with a nice goblet of brandy and wryly commenting on any events unfolding before him. 

Now here on Vintage Castle Grayskull we have the Toybiz Superhero Showdown Doom on the left turret.  Nice figure!  I didn't like the stiff cape though, so I cut off the gold tassel and button things and glued them on to a Serpentor cape to make him a cloth one.  So far he's the only one with a working gun-holding hand that can hold pretty much anything you can give 'em.  On the right turret there's another old Toybiz figure from the 90's Fantastic Four cartoon.  He comes with I-can-reach-the-salt action!  Meaning: His arm stretches out a tiny bit to reach across the table for the salt; I dunno.  It was really hard for them to think up interesting things for Dr. Doom to do back then.  At least for Toybiz.  The Secret Wars line just gave him some guns - no sweat.  Toybiz?  I dunno...spiny arm and stretchy arm.  Nice.

Finally there's a tiny one; I think he's Hasbro.

And our tour concludes with 200X Castle Grayskull and some particular favorites.  Well, the Mighty Muggs version on the left turret is just okay, honestly.  I got him just to add to the collection.  But on the right turret is my original Dr. Doom that I had throughout my childhood.  He was given to me (in a group of Secret Wars Iron Man and X-Men brown suit Wolverine with the removable mask that doubled as a ring) for free from a kid down the street who felt sorry for me 'cause I missed out on his garage sale where he sold like...all the coolest stuff.  Honestly though, I got a dang good deal with these figures.  They were worn and lacking any accessories, but they carried me far through the years; Dr. Doom especially.  As you may be able to tell, I added some stuff to him like a tricorder from a Star Trek figure and some colored rubber bands for...I dunno, energy shooting cuffs?  I also used a silver paint pen and colored his backpack and face.

Lower you'll see a nice 'n shiny Secret Wars Doom.  I got him at a comic shop in an old package, and yeah, I opened him up.  He was ten bucks, I don't feel back. I always wanted to see what an original untouched version was like, and now I finally have his accessories as well!   Those Secret Wars figures were really the kings of simplicity and fun.  I think they should bring back a nice action mold like that and reuse them like they did back then.  It would be like those Justice League figures, only good.

Finally, up in the middle, there's Dr. Doom with Silver Surfer powers from the second Fantastic Four movie.  He was obtained for me by a friend because he was hard to find (the line didn't last long).  He's probably one of my top favorites, visually.

And that is that!  As of this writing I am cleaning and packing up the toyroom for relocation at the new house where it will hopefully gain experience and level up to something with more picture-taking space and better lighting.  We'll see!  If all goes as planned, it'll at least be something less of a trash heap and more of a warehouse like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark with some Top Men looking after it.  TOP.  MEN.


  1. Stray observations:

    -In the first pic, I see a guy at the lower left that looks like he might be one of those transforming letters or numbers. I had the full set of both of those when I was a kid! I think my mom got them from a catalog??

    -I spy a Strongbad coaster. I have the same one, which means we probably both have some Homestar styles.

    -A Mindwipe and Skystalker also live on my desk, and Skystalker usually hangs out on Mindwipe's shoulder.

    -Ecto-1! Probably one of the greatest toy vehicles of all time, if only for the fact that you could cram like 60 figures in there. Mine was covered in dents and scratches from crashing it into everything. I might have mentioned this before.

    -While you were going through the Doom collection, I kept thinking, "I wonder if he has the one that reaches the salt." Then, not only did you have it, but you described as...the one that reaches the salt. I can only explain this bizarre coincidence by presupposing that both of us read ToyFare Magazine in the mid-late 1990s, because I'm pretty sure that's where that joke came from.

    -Also: At that time, I became somewhat obsessed with ToyFare's "Big Shots" and "Twisted Mego Theatre" photo comics and continuously tried to make my own. This was attempted using actual, printed photographs. It never quite worked out, but as soon as I had digital cameras and software, I started making toy comics.

    -THEREFORE: IT IS POSSIBLE that we both were inspired to make toy photo comics FROM THE SAME PLACE.

    1. - That is indeed a transforming letter robot! I never had any as a kid (not sure why) but my friend Zach (you've probably seen him post in here often) is really into them and he sent some over in one of our many swaps. He send me enough to spell my name and two extra letters (the ones in the pic).

      - Heck yeah I got some Homestar styles! A shirt, some Cheat Commandos, other figurines, and some DVDs 'n such.

      - Awesome, Mindwipe rocks. Probably my top favorite movie figure.

      - Friggin' LOVE the Ghostbuster car. It's missing a door, but amazingly enough that's not my fault. My nephew had a BIG Ghostbuster phase and I let 'em use all my old Ghostbuster stuff for awhile. Beat the crap outta the car in the process, but it was nice to see it get some use after all the years of collecting dust in my Dad's basement. Once he was done with everything he gave it back, so it's been sitting in the room ever since.

      - I think the salt joke must be the only joke available for him, 'cause I made that one up myself! I do remember seeing the Toyfair joke though, and I was all excited at the time to see Toyfair come up with the same thing. I dunno why, of course...'cause what else is there for that wacky figure?

      - Yeah I loved those Big Shots; they were my favorite part of the mag (even though they cut 'em at one point). Amazingly enough they weren't a huge inspiration, to tell ya the truth. I had been captioning things since my old coloring books (especially my He-Man one); adding word bubbles to the characters and all that (some of them are kinda embarassing now, considering you can tell what point I discovered swearing and how I must have thought swear words were HILARIOUS). When I started takin' pics of toys I naturally moved to the same idea and added word bubbles like I did when I was a kid and I kept doing more and more until they became comics 'n stuff like that.

    2. We did a similar thing with our Transformers coloring books, probably when I was about 13-14 or so, with my younger brother helping. These were the incredibly bizarre G1 books like "The Search for Treasure Under the Sea" (I think) and other such weirdness, wherein characters were often drawn with completely arbitrary designs or characterized in strange ways. I think you can find full scans of them at Steve-O Stonebraker's site.

    3. Yeah coloring books always had weird designs. The two TMNT books I have had completely different artistry and neither matched the toon, though they at least had all the facts straight, for the most part. One of them wasn't sure if Shredder was bare armed or not, and many times his arms had folds on 'em so he was obviously drawn with sleeves. 'Course I still colored them pinkish, so his skin was all floppy 'n nasty.

  2. Love seeing pics of people's toy rooms, even when they're in a state of disarray. And nothing makes you realize just how much stuff you have like packing it all up to move.

    1. Yeah, hopefully my new toyroom will have more space to actually display a few things. Many things need to be packed up for space reasons, but nothin' makes a collection feel more useless than when it's mostly packed up and out of sight. We'll see what happens.

  3. Reminds me I have to reorganize... EVERYTHING.

    Massive props for your Dr Doom, love it.

    1. Thanks! And yeah, hopefully organization will happen when I move everything over.

  4. Oh I was almost afraid you wouldn't point out Dr. Doom summoning the guitars, but you did. You should have showed off the Vegetas, too. Or at least Mattress Shop Vegeta.

    And for trivia, in case anyone else bothers to read other people's comments, that Eva Unit 2 has been in that same pose for at least 12 years, maybe more.

    1. I thought that Eva looked a bit dusty.

    2. Man, the Vegetas are gona get thier own post at some point. I also wana work the salesman Vegeta with some sorta background, but SHHHH you're gona ruin the joke!

      But yeah, poor 'ol Eva 02 has been hunched over for YEARS. I've got two Revoltech Eva 02 figures and another large one from when the movie came out (and raped everyone's brains). So I figured...hell, I'll leave that one in that awesome pose. FOREVER.

  5. I love a good toy room show off. I was squinting with my face up close to the screen trying to see which figures were in each nook and/or cranny. Sure there's stuff everywhere, but isn't that kinda what it's all about? I mean, if you're going to have a manboy cave in your house, it might as well be USED.

    Wait... my phrase "manboy cave" is meant to describe a cool hang-out space where grown men can store and look at/play with/take pictures of their toys. Not that... other... kind of manboy cave...

    And heck yeah I love me some Alphabots! Heck yeah to the moon! I'm in the process of taking pics of two alphabets worth of the new stuff (plus numbers 0-9) AND some vintage stuff for my own blog ( *shameless plug... well maybe, a little shame*.

    Any way, cool to finally see the toy room, and you have to show off the new one when it's up and running. Now I just have to get mine in some semblance of order so I can show of my toy room.

    1. Ha! It's not a shameless plug when we're bascially gona be connecting our sites soon with the shared blog (SPOILERSOMG).

      Anyway, I have a completely separate cave where I keep all my manboys. EEEWWW

      Anyanyway, I'm lookin' forward to those alphabots! Maybe I should post that comic I did when you first sent me my name bots?

      FinallY: "Semblance of order" is the magic phrase! I'll probably be taking pictures and continuing on with the blog before I ever get to the new toyroom post. I'll have things set up and ready to use, but it'll probably be awhile before it's read for pics. Heck, I don't even know what I'm gona do with the extra crap i'll be taking on from my Dad's house. I've still got old toys over there that I couldn't fit in the apartment, and I wana get my junk outta his place ASAP 'cause it's been there long enough. On top of that...I should probably then get rid of half of it...

  6. Since it was your Joe reviews that drew me here in the first place, that pile of unreviewed Joes tears at my heartstrings. The fact that there's a Techno-Viper on top of that pile makes me wish they don't get orphaned....

    I love that Doom Secret Wars fig as much as you do. That entire line was much better than it should have been considering the odd gimmick.

    1. Have hope! Once I get everything set back up again I promise I'll get back to the Joes once more. I can't say when I'll hit the new Techno-Vipers, however. I wana do something fun with them, but I'm not sure what. There are plans; it's just a matter of choosing one.

      And yes, I really think those old Secret Wars figures hit the sweet spot in terms of limited articulation. I'd like to do a comparison between them and the Justice League figures sometime, as I think the Justice League figures are a prime example of how to use the same articulation but make it infinitely more boring.

    2. Well, the issue with the Justice League figures is that they were basically statues that had token articulation added on - a legacy of the BTAS figures from waaaaay back in the day. Those figures had play value via accessories, but by the end of JLU the budget was so strained that they couldn't do that anymore.

      (There are some fun JL figs, usually involving J'onn. A full Martian Manhunter line would be SWEET.)

    3. Yeah, and I know Batman figures have been straight legged for many years, but somehow I always liked them a little better. I think it's because they weren't as straight as the JL figures. I mean the legs were PERFECT for standing...and nothing else. Not a single action to be had with those guys. I dunno what it was about those sculpts, but they were just so boooring! I bought a few here and there, but they're so lifeless that I never pick 'em up. Never before has a toyline displayed the properties of a statue better than the Justice League line.