Thursday, December 13, 2012

*SNRGK* What? I'm Awake, I'm Awake!

And so ends the era of the apartment toy room.  'Course I finished that last month, but gimme a break!  Lots of crap to unpack and all that...even if much of our time is spent sitting around rather than unpacking.  You don't have to give me a break there, I know.

Compare with previous pics for shock and amazement!  Where are all the toys?  That I can show you, but before we get there, why not have a look at the very first toy in that apartment when we moved in?

Behold, the mystery car!  This was found in our apartment when we first moved in.  It was at the very top shelf of the pantry, way in the back.  Who knows how long ago it was left there?  Could have been the last tenants, or even before!  One way or another, even the people who come in and repaint the place didn't notice it, as you can see the paint speckles all over the side. 

In the end I felt it somehow prudent to quietly nod and acknowledge the car's right to remain mysterious and perhaps journey to new hands and see new faces.  I replaced the car back where I found it when we left the apartment for the last time.  Fare thee well, Mystery Car!  May your future encounters be not with any Sid type kids from Toy Story, 'cause then I would feel bad about leaving you.

Finally, the last box to be sealed up before leaving (the toy room, anyway):

That's right, I bought a plastic bin JUST for the Dooms.  They don't ride wit' nobody else but themselves.  WORD.

So then, how does the new toyroom look?

...looks like CRAP, whatdoyawant?  Just piles!  PILES OF PILES!  I've been unpacking all sortsa other things, and the toy room keeps getting pushed back and back and back 'n BUH.

Biggest problem is that I'm trying to find a nice spot to take some pics while I sort things, but there is NO GOOD LIGHTING AGH!  I dunno how it worked out so well at the apartment, but I gotta figure somethin' out here.

So yeah, that's how things are going!  Figured you folks deserved some sort of update while I try to get things into some sort of non-pile.  Room is a little smaller than the apartment room, and the ceiling seems shorter, so I'm not sure how the shelves will work...but we'll see.  WE SHALL SEE.


  1. So Raph lays down the law in your toy collection, eh? Seems fitting enough. And I'm not going to lie, I would have kept the mystery car. I'd be all like, "what are the chances that this toy car would be waiting here this long for a toy collector to move in and find it?". I mean, I get the idea behind leaving it, but I'm just saying. I'm keeping the Colonel Courage head I found here (but that's because I took the trouble of giving him a new body).

    Any way, I can't wait to see how the new toy room comes together! It is the most important room in the house after all.

    1. If it were a toy part, then I might have kept it. It was something about a little car sitting up there on the top shelf completely ignored. Heck, whoever painted didn't even bother to LOOK up there; they must have just raised thier arm and moved the paint sprayer back and forth a little (judging by the speckles on the car). I'm irrationally interested in what else the car can get away with, even if i'll never see the outcome.

  2. Yeah unloading a new toy room is a tough job. The center of mine stayed a big pile of bins and junk for more than half a year until I FINALLY got a card table big enough to display the Flagg. (Now the bins and junk are under the table.)

    1. When in doubt: cover it up!

      I'm hoping setting my shelves back up will clean things up, but I'm doubting the size of the room compared to the old one. I mean, the ceiling just feels much lower. Of course something that should help is my big toy purge I'm planning, but UGH that takes so much work as well...

  3. All safe and sound in your new residence.