Friday, June 10, 2016

Okay, Okay, a few more Mythic Legions Shots

This is mostly screwing around with my phone, though the one above and the next one were dark shots using only the last light of the day.

I know I said HACKS were next, but....good god.  Best toys ever?  Yeah, best toys ever.  I can't stop.

Final guy here is my man Tibius.  Best skeleton, ten-outta-ten, best, best HANDS DOWN.  If I am so lucky, those bones may be under my skin.  And all would be well. 

Tibius also came with an extra hinged-jaw head, so I gave it to one of my army builder skeletons.

But Tibius is the main event, I swear. 

I may sit down to properly review these if I can stop playing with them!


  1. I skipped the KS (stupid, stupid Me) since I was still exhausted from the Gothitropilis Birds. But I broke down and got the Blood Armor Knight and SKREE Vampire Knight. Great stuff.

    When they're next available, I might try to get a squad of skeletons. Now 4H just needs to do a glow in the dark skeleton trooper and we're set.

    1. Honestly, I went mostly for skeletons, on the KS, and I'm glad I went back for more during preorders (so there's still more to come). The skeletons are the main event, though - I could be biased, but screw it - they're AWESOME. You'll love the Blood Knight, though! He's next to me on my computer table; since he was opened, actually! I really love looking at him, and he always looks different depending on how the light hits him.

      And YES - a glow in the dark skeleton will rock my socks to the moon and back, awarding me the coveted Lunar Socks so that I may light the way in the darkest hour.


  3. I have a problem with Blood Knights in my corridors. I keep trying to get rid of them, but they just collapse into a pile of armor parts and get back up 4-5 minutes later. It's a real pain when I just need a drink of water at 2AM. How do you deal with them?

    1. Turns out you just have to find the Alchemy symbol inside the back of the collar and rub it off! Who knew?