Friday, December 25, 2015

The Tree Post: Merry Christmas or Anything Else You Celebrate

For at least two years now I've posted a "tree post" and wished you Merry Whatever You Celebrate along with Christmas.


I have a tradition - of which I'm sure you're aware, now - of putting toys in the tree, since the tree used to be a once-a-year special episode for my toys.  The tree was a giant base, a mountain, a...well, a giant tree, or whatever!  I used it for a lot of things, because you only got a giant "playset" like that once a year (so to speak).

A new tradition has sprung up, since Hasbro repainted Dr. Doom in white: The Holiday Doom!  Right at the top of the tree, next to the star.  Merry ChristDoom, everyone!  Say that however you like.

Seems like it's also a tradition to explain this: Back in the day, I had no idea that Spider-Man and the black costume were...the same guy.  So my friend used to play Spider-Man all the time, with me being the blue and red guy and my friend having the black costume, calling him "Spidey" ('cause I saw him refer to himself as that on a t-shirt, so naturally my child brain assumed that was his name).  These two will always be partners, and always be present in the tree, since they had so many battles in there over the years.

Yeah, that's an Amiibo of Yoshi.  They put a little loop on his head, so I assumed they wanted you to do this at some point!  Well played, Nintendo.

Another tradition: The Holiday Snipers!  The G.I. Joe figure of the Jungle Viper blends in PERFECTLY with the tree branches, so I always hide my two somewhere in the tree.  One is usually easier than the other.  Can you spot him?

How about this one?

There is he!  Too slow.  Better luck next year!  Lets get you to the hospital to tend to those bullet wounds.

Couldn't resist putting Ant Man in here.  I mean...duh.

Enjoy yourselves out there, folks, in whatever it is you're doing.


  1. I celebrate having passed the holiday sniper challenge this year! ...I think I need to find more things to celebrate.

    1. You found them well, and came out unscathed! Successfully not getting shot is very important to celebrate!

  2. I read the post several days late, so I avoided the snipers as they were old and had died.

    1. The life of a Holiday Sniper is filled with joy, love, gunsmoke, and blood. It is a swift and deadly life, and also spiced with a hint of nutmeg and a little mint.

      In short: Do you want the dead ones? They taste pretty good.