Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Ancient Bowels of my Photobucket: The Third Part

Hey look, it's ninjas fighting on bread!  Never thought you'd see that before, eh?  EH?

Alright seriously: There were many things to do this week, and all my time for pics was used for other things, so here we are again!  I think I've run my photobucket dry, so this may be the final ANCIENT BOWELS OF MY PHOTOBUCKEEEET!

Plus: Near the end, it's much less "ancient" and more "semi-recent" so there's that.  Walk with me.

The Accelerator Suit!  Possibly the greatest figure mold to come out of the Rise of Cobra movie.  Hold on to that mold, Hasbro.  Use it!  Use it again! 

This one, in particular, is a golden version for a fantastically named character called "Speed Metal."  He was part of a set that I forgot to review, back in the Alexx Shorts days.  I eventually ended up customizing him a new helmet, so he was a little more unique. 

OH MAN, this is a classic!  A veeery old picture of a G.I. Joe Spytroops character named Cross Hair riding a stuffed elephant.  He's one of my favorites from that era of G.I. Joe, but my wife thought he was hilariously plain-looking.  She named him "Greg from Accounting" and I ended up buying a another one for her as well.  This photo was taken on the floor of her dorm room, back in college, and dubbed: "Greg triumphantly returns on the elephant."

One day you'll find it as the centerpiece in my personal art gallery.

This is a bedside photo waaay back when we first moved in to our apartment.  I stay up late often, but that's still just a liiiiittle too late, for the norm.  Anyway, that's Revenge of the Fallen Megatron, one of the cooler ones to come out of that line.

I still love 200X He-Man figures!  Can't remember when I took those photos, but I think it was around MotUC time.  I got a little nostalgic for the not-as-old figures (but still old, I guess).  Even with limited articulation (compared to MotUC) they still photograph really well!

Ah, the 12 inch G.I. Joes.  I was never in to 12 inch figures, but I got a few for birthdays, back in the day.  I held on to them for a long time and got rid of them sometime when I was in the apartment (can't remember who took 'em).  Even if they weren't my thing; they were still pretty cool!  Lots of great accessories, and I even had an old accessory pack full of great stuff like that briefcase with the gun in it.  Even though it said "G.I. Joe" on it, I still gave it to Destro. 

One reason I wanted Destro and Snake Eyes, in particular, was to be able to take the masks off!  Snake Eyes was disappointing 'cause there was just another mask underneath, but Destro was completely unmasked, underneath!  He was...a dude.  With black hair.  I dunno what I was expecting. 

I shrunk some of these WAY down, back in the day.  I think I was afraid of them being too big on forums. 

Not sure where I got that plush Zaku II, but I'm glad I got 'em.  My wife and I are in the middle of a huge overhaul of the junk room (the room that was filled when we moved in to our house, three years ago, and never cleared out) and I just ran in to this guy again!  Once I overhaul the toy room, I wana find a place to set 'em up.

Stealth!  The original Python Patrol from G.I. Joe were repaints of basic figures in BRIGHT yellow and gray.  It was supposed to be some sort of pattern that jammed radars?  I guess that's nice.  Just make sure you stay the hell out of sight, because the pattern does nothing to hide them from the human eye. 

I still love it, though.

The various Iron Man suits in the 6 inch movie lines were pretty neat, but I ended up getting rid of most of them, when I was trying to clear out the 6 inch superheroes.  I ended up keeping the black and grey stealth guy, but got rid of his clear red repaint (crazy, I know) and the space-suit-satellite-thing Tony's got going on with the pic above.

If you haven't watched the "Spectacular Spider-Man" cartoon from a little while back, then I HIGHLY suggest it.  Target still sells the series, I think.  It was fantastic, and canceled by Disney (when they got Marvel) to make way for the current "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon, which...I don't like as much.  It's a standard cartoon, I guess.  "Spectacular" was above average, though.  Really sad they took that one out.

The figure above is the super-articulated version of Spider-Man from the series.  It had an exaggerated art style that I really liked, and I'm gona hold on to this version, even if I have a bunch of versions of Spider-Man, because I feel like this version really needs a representation in the collection.

Another guy cut in the 6 inch purge.  Some crazy form of Iron Man from "Heroes Reborn", if I'm not mistaken.  I think this is how he returned after sacrificing himself to the huge pillar of psychic energy that Onslaught turned in to.  Yeah!  Comics!

Iron Spider vs the awesome Robot Spider-Man from some series or another.  I had been using extra Spider-Man figures for mecha Spider-Men for YEARS, so this was a must-have, when I saw him.  Still have him today (but not the Iron Spider).  It's one of those rare times when they randomly make a toy of some crazy thing you made up when you were a kid.


Alright, I finally ran the really old stuff dry!  There was a point where I was taking random pictures before I started the blog (and way before I ever started Schwag Brag to post those random pics).  This is almost like Schwag Brag, basically.  Just...old stuff. But not that old.

MAN, I gotta go over the D-Arts Mega Man X figures at some point!  This is Mega Man X in his First Armor (from the first game, duh).  Great figures.

This is a hand made chocobo (from Final Fantasy) from an awesome webcomic artist that is currently making a comic out of Final Fantasy 6.  If you like Final Fantasy 6, I'd check it out.

Early Glyos stuff, before I had enough stuff to build the multitudes of figures that I have now.

EAGH, the Blue Spirit, from the horrid "The Last Airbender" movie.  Makes for a neat figure, though!  Joe scale and everything.  Just...don't watch the movie.  I know I didn't!  Not when the series exists. 

Video game guy!  From "Crysis 2", I think.  It's just a normal, Joe-sized trooper of some sort.  Well articulated and holds accessories well, but the line didn't last very long.

Don't store your toys with rubber plastic, kids!  It'll rip the paint off of stuff like Captain American's shield, here.

AHHHH I gotta get to Vile, at some point!  One of my top top TOP favorite video game villains.  Of all time.  Great figure.  Definitely gotta hit him at some point (though you'll see him in my next post, if I get the time to do what I want to do). 

Here's something you don't see everyday: Halloween Batman!  You see, they do all sorts of exclusive holiday figures when it came to dolls and ponies (or, they did, with ponies, until the new show started).  This was one of the few times that an action figure got a holiday exclusive, and it turned out pretty neat!  Though, black and orange usually turns out well. 

I wish they did that a little more often; repaints of figures for various holidays. 

Darth Malgus! I bought him because I thought he was neat.  Like a lot of Star Wars figures.  Honestly, I really have to weed out the Star Wars guys.  I have a bunch that I just haven't touched in ages.

This is fodder for another Sonic the Hedgehog post, honestly.  I do plan to do one, at some point!  We've got the Chaotix at the top, and Blaze the Cat above.  Blaze turned out much better than I thought she would!  She's one of the few newer characters that I ended up liking, for some reason.  She's this...alternate dimension "Sonic", sort of.  In that, she's the hero of her own dimension, like Sonic is in his.  She's just deadpan and serious, instead of "GOTTA GO FAAAST."  If you get me.

Also she has fire powers?  I don't really know that much about her beyond Sonic Rush.

You are useless to me!  This is Bruticus, from War for Cybertron.  He's wobbly and gangly and no fun, and he is on the chopping block.  There's no need for him, now that Combiner Wars exists.  Last time I touched him was to put him in the "to sell" box.  Individual figures aren't bad, but not enough to make me keep them.

Glyos did a repaint of one of their larger figures in Shockwave colors (from Transformers).  It turned out really cool, and I'm glad I was able to get one!  Now that I think of it, I should have made him an "honorable mention" in the Shockwave post.

This guy will come back whenever I do a post on all my custom Glyos stuff.  This is D.O.U.G., an assassin/mercenary robot built for wreckin' up the joint. Though, not originally.  D.O.U.G. built this body himself and popped his normal head on top so he could make some money in the hired gun business. 

...now if I can just remember what "DOUG" was supposed to stand for.

Skips!  From "Regular Show."  If you don't watch "Regular Show", then I can't really explain it.  Anything goes, man.  Skips is the handyman that can get it done, and sometimes "getting it done" means "punch a giant evil baby named Klorgbane out of the solar system", which is what the gauntlets and harness are for.  Obviously. 

This is Kre-O Devestator!  I haven't seen these in stores so much anymore, but they're a neat idea!  Same Combiner idea, but with little Kre-O guys.  They work out well, but you end up never wanting to take them back apart because of all the little pieces. 

This is a Doomcycle, from some line of tiny motorcycles.  They did a bunch of normal ones, then there were some superhero ones.  I bought the one with DOOM on it.  Now I just need a tiny enough Doom to ride the Doomcycle so Doom can ride Doom while Gir sings the Doom Song.

I got in to Skylanders for the first few games, but it eventually got a little too irritating to collect.  The Mega Bloks stuff was awesome, though!  Same deal, but articulated action figures!  You don't lose much in the translation to block figures, honestly.  They pretty much carry over all the same details.

Still loving the K'Nex Mario Bros stuff.  I've got a nice little collection, and while the Jakks World of Nintendo is giving me the chance to collect them in non-blocky form...I still find myself drawn to the K'Nex guys.  Plus: Many of them still work size-wise with the WoN stuff!  The Boos and Goombas especially. 

There was a short lived Avengers series based on an animated series, I think.  These are Joe sized and I thought they worked out really well!  I ended up really liking Falcon, after the Winter Solider movie, so I was on the lookout for a classic version.  This one is awesome!  Also fixes previous problems with ugly clip-on wings.  The wings look great no matter what they're doing, and they're translucent!  Now we just need a 6 inch version done in the same way.

Same series, but Iron Man.  Honestly...I have a lot of Iron Man, but this one turned out really cool.  It's a simple design that moves well.  A good basic Iron Man, for Joe scale (if you don't already have a million of him). 

This is Whiplash from an Iron Man concept series from Iron Man 2.  I never saw it in stores, so a friend helped me out.  Neat figure!  Could have worked better, I think.  The articulated is kind of limited by the random armor. 

And man is it RANDOM!  Look at that armor!  What's up, man?  Didn't have enough metal to go around?  Had to decide on which leg was more important?  Good choice, I'd go with the left leg too.  I'd just...maybe lower it a bit.  So it's not jabbing me in the gut every time I move my leg up.

Best Red Skull, ten outta ten!  At least, in Joe scale.  Now do this in 6 inch scale!  Come on!

Also, that coat draped around his shoulders is MAGICAL.  Now I've got a coat to drap over the shoulders of anyone in that scale!

I forgot I had a dragon Transformer in Sky Lynx colors!  I may have gotten rid of him...not sure.  Doesn't matter.  They're actually making Sky Lynx, so problem solved!  The other guy is Orion Pax, or the guy that eventually becomes Optimus Prime.  He's got a great axe and classic-looking ion cannon.  I'm really hoping they use his mold to make a new Kup, at some point.

I got in to Hasbro's Construct Bots for a short while, but realized I don't have the space for another building line.  They were neat, but I never took advantage of building random stuff, though I think they had something going.  I'll probably dump these off, at some point, but keep some accessories, 'cause they still work with normal Transformers.

Imaginext Army Men!  They're from Toy Story, but they work as regular old Army Men, so that's cool!  I passed them up a long time ago, but ended up finding them collecting dust at a Kohl's. 

This is Hoist, and I like his orange and green with caution stripes.  That....was pretty much why I got him.  Also I like how his tow hook turns in to a gun.  Transformers always get extra points from me if they can manage to get a weapon to turn in to something for the vehicle mode as well (that isn't just a mounted weapon).

Found some Rock Lords at a local comic shop, awhile back.  Never got many of them, back in the day, but I liked what I had.  Still trying to hunt down my original one, which was lost to the back yard, buried in the mud and exposed to years of elements. 

This was a forgotten post: I was going to do a post on my last trip to Disney world and all the junk I got...but never did.  We (my wife and I) built a bunch of Droids (more than this, but I didn't take pictures) and gave them all personalities.  The green one is a gangster!  I'd still like to showcase our creations, at some point.

Kre-O did this "armor up" series of figures that came with a bunch of accessories for different looks.  I only ever ended up with Optimus.  Neat series!  Just didn't get in to it. 

This is an amazing Imaginext Clayface, from Batman.  The mouth opens and you can stick a whole figure inside! They also repainted it in clear blue and made him an ice monster, which was genius, but only part of a large set I didn't want to get (takes up precious space).  If you can find 'em, I'd get 'em, even if you don't collect Imaginext. 

Finn, Slime Princess, Fiona, and Cake!  They aren't the best figures, but dangit, I want figures from Adventure Time!  Fiona and Cake are gender swapped versions of Finn and Jake, but different in their own right.  They could seriously have their own series, I think.  The figure is VERY basic, though.  Fiona's legs are just jammed up into her, and don't move (save for the knees, which is useless).  Getting her to stand is also a chore.  I'm glad to have her, but I'm still holding out hope that some other toy company takes a stab at Adventure Time.

This is Kool-Aid Hulk, complete with wall-smashing ability.  I'm not sure why I got him, especially since he's using an older mold for the Joe sized Hulk and it kinda sucks.  He's got one of those useless neck joints that just allows him cock his head sideways and nothing else. 

A Mordle!  He's unhappy.  Very unhappy.

Okay, that's about enough!  I've exhausted my Photobucket of old pics, so I'll have to come up with some more ideas for easy posts when my week gets full.  Or, you know, I could just create a buffer of content, but that's for people who can plan ahead!  I can't handle that mess!   Too much....planning.

Alright, g'night everybody!  Or good morning.  Or afternoon.  Whenever you read this.  You get me. 


  1. How was a 'ninja-bread man' pun missed? Or was it so heavily implied it didn't have to be said? Totally agree with Kup out of Orion, its odd that mould has never been used for any one else, bar some club guys. Looking forward for the Sonic post, Sonic figures is how I found this site!

    1. "ninja-bread man" was missed, but not forgotten. I visit his grave every year on the anniversary of his death.

      I promise more Sonic at some point! Lot of things on the plate now, so I'm sorta waiting for a dry spell of new things so I can go back over older things. I've still got the figures mentioned in this post, and then the main cast of the "Sonic Boom" types (mostly for Tails and Amy, but I bought Sonic and Knuckles as well, for the heck of it).

  2. "What does it accelerate?"
    Best worst line? Best worst line.

    D.O.U.G. stands for DOom Ultimate Gunguy.

    There was a one-shot comic tie-in with that Orion Pax where he had lost his mouthplate. It had a funny bit where he said he liked how it moved when he talked. That comic may have come with the toy? (Hasbro is pretty bad at pairing comics with appropriate characters.) I think you're on to something with the Kup redeco, too. But I would imagine a new Kup would probably be an all-new mold with the Titan Master gimmick added - not unlikely since Hasbro seems to be redoing some of the '86 movie characters in the next line.

    Also, wasn't Heroes Reborn supposed to be one of the worst comics?

    1. Man, I totally forgot about that line! Haven't seen the movie since...well, the theater, I think.

      I didn't know D.O.U.G. was from the 90's! It works, though. Certainly works.

      Yeah, I'm not sure when they're gona be back to standard repaints. Which is fine, of course! This business with making all new toys for Combiners and Headmasters is pretty freakin' sweet. Sad thing is that repaints of good molds (and bad ones) tend to be exclusives, and I ain't got the cash for those, man.

      I have no idea if Heroes Reborn was bad, but it wouldn't surprise me. The whole thing with Onslaught was hilarious enough as it was, though it gave me one of my favorite Dr. Doom moments (when all the Heroes are sacrificing themselves to Onslaught's pillar of psychic energy, Doom is standing there watching them all go in and waiting to syphon off the resulting energy when they all die, but then Iron Man flies up from behind and takes him in with the rest).

      I never read any of the "Reborn" stuff, I just looked in to it later, since I never followed up after that one comic I have with the end of Onslaught. I was mostly a random comic buyer, in my youth, save for a period where I was keeping up with Spider-Man.

  3. Can confirm, the Heroes Reborn arc wasn't great.

    1. I just went and read the Wikipedia article...certainly sounded like a strange idea. Not uncommon for the time, but they came up with some weird looks for everyone! Oh wait, that's not uncommon for the time either. Ah man, 90's.

    2. In practice, it was like a prototype for the Ultimate line - take all the "old, out of date heroes" (you know, because in the 90s Marvel was all about the X-Men and Ghost Rider and Venom and was basically crapping out Avengers and FF just because they felt obligated to... my, how times change....) and give them modern origins.


      (a) They decided to hand half the books to Rob Liefeld.

      (b) They used a godawful X-Men storyline (the whole traitor thing) to set it up; and

      (c) They cancelled cap JUST when Mark Waid had turned it into an awesome book, so there was zero goodwill right off the bat.

      A couple years later, they do much the same thing with the Ultimate line, only they get away with it by presenting it as an alternative rather than a replacement of the usual titles.

  4. That Red Skull is straight-up **great.** I have him hanging out with the recent red-shoes Cobra Commander; they compare cloaks and laugh at Destro for no longer being pimp enough to sport one.


    That's my favourite Joescale Skull. If only because he's got a backpack that, one day, I'm going to repaint and use for an Ace McCloud (Centurions) custom.

    1. I had meant to get that Red Skull, but never ended up doing it before he left the stores!

      But AH MAN, amidst all the 80's reboots: Where the hell is Centurions?! How would that NOT fit in with today's mix-and-match toylines? They could mix all the tech with real-world online activities, use accessory packs to unlock stuff in games or something, bring in a new TV show. It is RIPE for a reboot. The technology aspect just meshes SO well with what we got goin' on nowadays.

    2. I got mine from a toy store a couple office buildings over that gets a lot of leftover stock in. So it might be one of those that shows up in Marshall's occasionally (that's how I got my Cap 2 Falcon).

      It is genuinely hilarious how that figure is basically saying DRONES ARE EVIL TOOLS OF HYDRA

      And, yeah, Centurions seems like it's due for a comeback (especially with oil prices down, which would make the scale more economical). Those Joe BTR figures were kind of a nod in that direction, weirdly enough.