Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mega Construx Heroes: He-Man and Skeletor

Hey, time for posts to resume!  Sort of!  I still don't have the time and space to do my usual long, joke-filled posts, but my Instagram has been going strong (since it's much easier to snap a picture at one point in the day, clean up the ugly phone pics with the editing tools, and post them when I get a chance throughout the day, without having to be at a computer).  With that in mind, I figure I should use what I got and take this chance to say more about recent things I've been buying.
Here's some tiny MotU guys!  Let me give you a little background, if you're not up to date on Mega Bloks:

Mega Bloks have the best mini figures. The end.

Okay okay, seriously: My old Mega Bloks Halo post is way too long to read right now, but it explains and shows a multitude of the amazing things Mega Bloks have made.  They make absolutely awesome mini figures, and they're finally understanding that the figures can sell themselves, case in point: The Call of Duty and Halo figures have recently been sold in single packs, and it's a brilliant idea.  Even if you don't like those games, the toys still stand alone as awesome army or sci-fi toys that are cheaper than most figures and take up way less space, at 2 inches tall.

Mattel bought Mega Bloks, not long ago.  Following that buy-up, a lot of MotU collectors were wondering about all the doors that opened!  Would we see MotU Mega Bloks?  It was certainly on their minds, and some odd years ago, Mattel showed off a custom Mega Bloks Castle Grayskull (and a cobbled together He-Man using World of Warcraft parts).  Nothing came of that for awhile, and Mattel instead focused on re-branding Mega Bloks into Mega Construx (as you can see on the packages).  It didn't change much, but with that change, they brought us Mega Construx Heroes: the new way to sell us single-packed mini figures from a wider range than just their greater building-set series.

So!  With that in mind: There are no MotU building sets, as of yet.  Just He-Man and Skeletor, part of the Mega Construx Heroes series, which also has an Alien and a Marine (from Aliens) and Capt. Picard and a Borg (from Star Trek).

If you've read my other Mega Bloks posts, you can probably guess that I love these figures.  If you want a breakdown of the construction, take a look at this Call of Duty post I did in 2013.  The articulation is fantastic and the exact same as the Call of Duty figures (and almost the same as the TMNT ones; the TMNT figures have some unique hinged hips, instead of the ball joints.  The ball joints work better, to me).

What more could you ask for in a tiny 2 inch He-Man?  ...don't answer that.

He's so articulated that he can pull off poses that not even the Classics figures can, and why shouldn't he?  There's just nothing to get in the way!  With the Classics figures, there's the loincloth stopping the legs to a certain degree.  There's also the BIG MUSCLES that stop the arms from crossing the chest.  No problems here!  You can do two handed poses, you can have them sit with no problem, and they're so small that you don't even need to work on balancing them to get a nice free-standing pose.

He-Man comes with his shield and Power Sword, both marvelous.  There's not a thing out of place in the sculpts - they're tiny versions of exactly what you want!  Technically you can count his right wrist bangle, harness, and belt as accessories as well, since they're removable.  The harness and belt require you to pop him apart, but that process is effortless.  You can swap his parts around with nearly anyone else in the current Mega Bloks lineup, from Call of Duty to Destiny.

Speaking of He-Man's harness: There's a little slot in the back to store the sword. Plus, it might be my only incredible mild gripe - the harness is just a tad too thick, especially from a side view.  Doesn't matter, though.  The whole figure is way too awesome for that to bring it down.

Skeletor is just as good as He-Man, and sports all the details you would expect.  The crossbone armor, the tasseled belt, scaly arms and clawed feet (going for a minicomic look, though, with the blue feet instead of the vintage toy's purple feet).  His skull sculpt is a little soft, but EH, who cares?  Once you got this in hand: You won't.  Plus, it's pretty damn good for something so small.

Skeletor only comes with his Havoc Staff, though he has a slot on the back of his armor for a sword. I do feel like he could have had a sword, but his staff comes in multiple parts, so I assume that's where the accessory money went.  You can pop off the ram's skull and put it on Skeletor's neck joint, if you want!  I...didn't take a picture of that, but it's neat.

I LOVE THESE.  I imagine you might expect me to say "Man, I can't wait for full building sets!" but....eh, no, not right now.  I don't have the room, and I can't tell you how happy I am to have these little guys single packed, because I certainly would have bought a whole set to get these two.  I don't want to do that any time soon.  Hell, if they had been in sets, I doubt I would have built them yet (just would have pulled out them sweet sweet figures).

That's not to say that I think sets are a bad idea!  I just don't need them right now.  I'm hoping this opens up the doors for more MotU figures in their new Mega Construx Heroes series though, because I want to see as much as possible.  Plus, since there are other characters involved, I want to see a ton of other properties covered in this line, as well! So, so much.

These are currently showing up at Wal-Mart, though they should be popping into all your basic stores.  Go get them! Now!  Do it now!  Haaalgh!


  1. Yes! Got several myself as well,one marine and 2 Aliens and I love them soooo much. I especially love the closed face hugger you can slip on to any other minifigures head, so delightfully morbid for something being sold in friggin' Wal-mart. :-D
    That being said, I passed on the other four in this series because the eye paint was just so bad on every one that my local store has.
    Oh well, after your review and pics my hunt will definitely go on.
    (OH and my wishlist figures for future waves of these are a Predator (and maybe Dutch!?) and an Alien Queen.

    1. I passed on the others for now, but I'd still like to get them. Same as you, I'm hoping we get a Predator. And a Terminator endoskeleton, though that's not hard, since they've done that before.

  2. Hopefully they get to make EVERY character they can and some new ones. Cannot wait to get mine in the mail.

    1. Yeah, here's hoping! I know any further figures will have to trickle out amongst whoever else they release in the Heroes line, but it's not much different that the old Classics wait (for your favorite characters).

    2. They arrived, and they are beautiful.

  3. I'd be happy with a mini accessory pack as a throw back to the original MOTU figures! Would love an axe for He-Man. Great review as always!

    1. That would be cool to see an accessory pack! That would probably be better for a straight MotU line, though.

  4. Replies
    1. Find them! Buy them! HURRY! FOR NO REASON, HURRY!

  5. Great review! I also love these figures and have been enjoying doing a few customs from them as well. They are really perfect little action figures. Because of these, I'm now also collecting the TOS Star Trek sets.

    1. Yeah, it's super easy to customize these guys! Takes up less space, too. I hope they continue, even amidst the haze of randomized stocking. The stores just seem to have a problem with keeping these up to date.