Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alright, One More Mega Bloks Thing: CoD Attack Drone

It was pointed out to me that these little guys gots MORE articulation than normal Mega Bloks minfigures, so I snabbed a box to check it on out.  Why not read further to see if you should also snab one for your own enfingered hands?  Also-also: Maybe I'm incapable of just simply reviewing a toy?

Here we go!  Collector series!  You'll notice those words on the front in the bottom right corner.  So of course when it's a "collector" series that means bland boxes that only grab your eye 'cause they stand out amongst all the colors of the normal boxes.  So remember: wana grab the attention of a child?  Bright colors!  Wana grab the attention of an adult?  BLACK LIKE THE NIGHT.  Goes for those new Star Wars "Black Series" as well!

Anyway, I figure these are just to grab the folks who regularly play Call of Duty...so, serious times, I guess?  But who cares!  Is this a fun toy?  Should you get it for adults and children alike? 

PFFFT, NO!  Look at all those bags and parts!  I mean, who likes that?  That biz is crazy.

Nah though, it's pretty awesome.  You've got the normal directions for a building toy, but ALSO directions for building the special new minifigure!

He comes in parts this time around, which is a little different from some other sets.  The Halo guys come together, but I've noticed the World of Warcraft figures come in parts.  Hard to say why, but hey, it's fun!  BE CAREFUL, though.  Putting the arms together and forcing them into the body can be a little tough, especially since you're trying to push in joints that are constantly moving every time you put force behind them.  The directions say "click" all the time, so listen to 'em.  Push until you feel a click!

Lookit all dem parts!  That's what this set is about, it seems.  I mean, the little drone is standard, but this guy comes with detailed little parts - even his GUN!

The box shows that it's a shotgun, but it comes with a stock and two types of ammo holders: a clip and a machinegun box!  It's pretty believable as any gun even with the shotgun barrel.  But eh, you'll see.  Lets check out that figure!

That pretty much cover any questions about articulation?  It's awesome!  It's mostly the same the waist down (ball jointed hips and cut knees) but the arms are full-on joints with outward movement of the shoulders and cuts at the elbows to allow the arms to hold stuff with both hands!  I had a great time moving this little guy around.

Heh heh...poines.  Hey, how about a general size comparison before we get into the geared-up photos?  He's gona be as you'd expect, but honestly this stuff is so much more tiny in person!  Especially the accessories.

Mega Bloks minifigures are generally taller than your normal minifigure (since a lot of companies try to match the Lego size).  You can see the Lego guy, a Kre-O guy, and on the other side of CoD man is another Mega Bloks guy (World of Warcraft, if it isn't obvious). 

*sigh*  Can't take a normal picture, can I?  It was so simple.

So lets move on!

There's the gun with more of the junk attached: a clip and the stock.  Lookin' at it now, I think the stock is upside down...but you get the idea.  The parts stay in nice 'n tight so you don't have to worry about losing them...when they're attached.  Otherwise find a nice place for the extras!  These are SMALL. 

There are these pegs on the band on his leg (which is removable), on his vest, and on his belt.  Lots of places to put stuff, though there isn't a ton with this particular figure.  Looks like there will be a lot of items, though!  This one has his knife and a grenade, and there's also a hole on the clip so you can shove that someplace.

Ah-ha...yeah.  More...more ponies.  Anyway, as you can see, there's a lot of options with these guys!  Not only are they super poseable, but they've got lots of spots for stuff-storage AND of course the standard swappable gear that Mega Bloks is so good at.  Heck depending on the bodies and gear, you could probably make some G.I. Joes with these! 

There WAS a buildable thing in here though...maybe I should cover that.

Pretty neat, eh?  In general it's not amazing, but the tank treads are rubbery and fun to move around!  I do wish there was some sort of firing thing or a little action that makes the guns move back and forth, but this is for collectors, and all the honeys know we's don't like having kid-fun.  But seriously, I love me some robo-drones, so this is good all around.  You get a nice opening-of-Terminator vibe when you push 'em around and slowly turn the head around; looking for stray survivors.

So yeah, interested in Call of Doody or not: This is a set to get!  Especially if you just want to try these guys out.  There should be quite a few different sets out there, but this one and a Seal set was all I could see so far.  If you want to wait to just try out the figures, there should be a set with only dudes!  So wait it out and all this stuff'll show.

Now lets finish this with ridiculous garbleflarp.

HA-HAAA.  Alright, go home.  Unless you are home...in that case, relax buddy.  Get yerself a snack 'er somethin'.


  1. It's even better if you imagine the soldier is voiced by John DiMaggio.

    1. YOU'RE IN MY BRAIN. That's exactly the voice I had in mind when I was writing it!

  2. Applejack, man. She's just swell. This is a pretty cool set, too. I'm going to have to scope these guys out next time I'm at the store.

  3. Aw man, these figures are epic! I could care less about the actual construction. That's not really my thing any way. It's all about the figures, and these figures look great.

    Now all I have to do is find them...

  4. THE CITY SAMURAI RETURNS! Now you just need another figure to be the City Fist and we're good.

  5. Fan-freaking-tastic, A seriously kick ass mini-figure, the proportions remind me a lot of War-gaming miniatures (in fact lots of recent Mega-Blok figures do).

    Drone is nice, how do the treads roll for you?

    1. Treads roll great! They're nice grippy rubber, so they move along with no trouble. 'Course it is the kind of rubber that is gona pick up dirt, but whaddayagonado?

  6. I wonder what's the deal with the latitude and longitude on the packaging?

    1. Good question! Hadn't even thought of it until now...