Thursday, October 24, 2013

Duty Call: Okay So I've Been Buying A Lot of Minifigures Lately

When I bought the previous Call of Duty set, it was the only game in town.  Then the figure packs showed up!  I had to try one.  Specifically: I had to try the one that has a figure that looked a lot like v1 Snake Eyes in it.

This is more of Mega Blok's Call of Duty toyline.  A Seal team!  It's mostly figures, but they've thrown in a little piece of land to pose 'em on and a rack and a bin for weapon storage.  Good thing too, 'cause as I stated in the previous review: these weapons are SMALL.  It's nice to have a little bin to put them in.

First things first: In the last set I showed you how the figures come in pieces and you gotta put them together!  I thought it was cute. 

...when there was only one of them.  When you've got four to put together it gets a little tasking on the fingers!  It takes a bit of force to put in each and every joint, and I can't help but think that maybe the only building should be with the blocks.  Still: kinda neat!  Just...overwhelming with more than one in a set.

Alright, so in this set you get one Snake Eyes, one Splinter Cell, and three scuba dubas.  Or whatever.  Each has their own gear, little pouches, and knives.  The diving masks don't come off the divers, though; that's just their heads.  The little breathers on their chest clamp down the tubes coming off the helmets making a nice little figure with nothing falling off. 

They also come with ACCESSORIES!  So many accessories.  All useful for anyone with tweezers for fingers!

As shown in the previous review, the rifles all come apart at the barrel, stock, and clip.  Also one of the barrels had a silencer on it, which I found out afterward.  The pistols are just themselves!  The only problem I can find with this super realistic design is that the triggers are cool, but they get in the way.  If you want certain poses, you have to put the trigger well above the hand, so it looks a little silly.  I think they could have left those out like they do with other minifigures.

You also get a bunch of extras to stow on the pegs on the figures, as well as a med kit and a teeny tiny little laptop.

Now of course I want to point out the one I've been calling Snake Eyes, since he's one of the reasons I bought this set.  I'm not usually one for scuba guys, and as usual I'm not sure what to do with the three guys in full gear...since I have no way of really showing them off in their element. I said...Snake Eyes, sorta.

Now I love Kre-O and what Hasbro has been doing with it.  Especially since they work so well with Lego minifigures!  But still...when you look at them side by side like this: You can't tell me you don't wish - at least a little - that all the G.I. Joe minifigures looked like that.  Could you imagine?  All of 'em able to hold their weapons with both hands?

Yeah I know!  Just putting that idea in your head.  Like I said, I still love the Kre-O G.I. Joe stuff.  But MAN look at that!

Well, moving on!

As I've said: these are AMAZING little guys.  I can't imagine that most folks interested in block toys would want to skip at least one of these sets.  The Seal Team is just one out of a few - there being a desert and snow set as well (possibly more).  They hold their accessories in a way that no tiny figure before them could, and the accessories themselves are fun and easy to swap around.  You can even fully customize these guys with gear! 

If I had any complaints, it would be the building of the figures and the fact that I've never been that big a fan of realistic military figures (hence my love of G.I. Joes in the 90's that burned out my eyes with neon).  I would LOVE to see these base bodies used in their other toylines with pirates or knights or what have you.  They're too good not to pass around!

Now, of course, I have to give my warning again: You saw the previous post about how the treads on the Drone set just broke on their I guess you've got to be careful with anything that had treads.  Beyond that though: These are awesome.  I can't find any fault save for having to put them together.  I've always loved tiny figures, and these really grab my attention!  If you get nothing else in the Call of Duty line, then at least try out one of these figure sets.


  1. They're the sort of figures you wish the small scale Sigma 6 ones were.

    Still nothing on these being released overseas before Christmas. Oh well, I'll end up late to the party.

    1. Oh man if the small Sigma 6 guys had been like this I would have frothed at the mouth and keeled over from excitement. ...back then, anyway. 'Course I also would have liked Sigma 6 as a whole to be a bit smaller, but that didn't stop me from buying the crap out of them and still - to this day - not being able to let go of them.

  2. I still haven't found any of these guys yet, so you dangling them before my eyes like this is always appreciated. I know I have to get at least one figure set, but I keep flip-flopping on which one I want most. Not that I have to only get one. I have a feeling these things are a lot like Pringles that way. Right now, though, I'm thinkin' winter ops!

    And I agree, Kre-O's okay and all, but they do look kinda sad next to these guys. There is a big difference between awesome and cute.

  3. So then I guess the Blue Raja mini-figure came packed with all the forks.