Friday, September 27, 2013

Halo Cyclops Mechs: If it Ain't Lego, it's MEGA BLOKS.

So it's like this: Sometimes I hear about how any building block toy that isn't Lego are just cheap rip-offs.  Well that just ain't true, in fact--- 

---what, you already knew about Mega Bloks?  Whadoya want, a medal? 

Alright alright!  Just click below and read about some cool mini mechs.

First things first: I dunno what a cyclops mech is or why it's called that.  I DO know what a mech is though, and that Mega Bloks has the coolest little articulated minifigures ever.  With that knowledge in mind, I bought these.  Then I read the descriptions above and YEAH they're mechs 'n stuff.  Neat!

Next, these little guys are not brick based, but they do employ areas where bricks may be attached.  You do still put 'em together, though!  With some imagination you could probably make your own limbs 'n such, but for the purposes of this review I'll just show ya how these babies work fresh out the package.

...but I'm possibly getting ahead of you, dear reader.  Are you familiar with the Mega Bloks articulated minifigure?  'Cause dey rock solid, I tell ya.

LOTS of articulation for something of this size!  They size up to Lego minifigures, too.  Hips and shoulders and head are attached via balljoints, and the knees and elbows and via pegs (that you can pop out if you like, and swap around).  The waist also turns and MAN you have a lot of options for posing!  Maybe you can't always get a good two-handed pose with a gun, but what more do you ask for in your minifigures?

You can also clip Lego accessories into their hands!  So a Mega Bloks minifigure is always a good choice.  Well okay, they actually have multiple versions of minifigures ranging from standard Lego style to halfway between Lego and this, but you can tell these articulated ones by just looking at them. 

Alrighty!  With that outta the way, lets move on to the main event...of pictures.  Lots of them.  More than I had intended.

There's your basic build!  Nothing complicated - you barely even need the directions!

That's your standard naked mech!  The rest of the junk you add are the specific weapons depending on which one you buy.  Here I have the one with guns on it's shoulders.  The green one just has a pile-driver on his left arm.  The hands are built to hold anything with the same sized pegs as any of the regular minifigure weapons though, so look around your toy bins 'cause I'm sure something fits!

The finished product is AWESOME.  Small, just enough articulation, and there's nothin' I love more than a small vehicle with an even smaller driver that fits right inside! 

And hey, look at that!  The weapons fit right on the mech as well - I LOVE THAT!  Anything that makes a nice compact item.  You've got a mission all in one package!  A mech for heavy times, and gear for the guy inside to when he's gotta go out on foot.  Granted, this IS still a building toy, so the attached weapons could fall off with heavy play.  So this may not be something you'd give your kid to take on an outing, but it could work if you remove the weapons.  Less to lose that way!

The guy fits in perfectly and doesn't rattle around, 'cause he's pegged in by the hole in his back.  Nice 'n solid!  The only problem I've encountered is that the cockpit hatch doesn't click closed, so the green mech's hatch doesn't quite sit flush with the body, while the blue mech's hatch sits perfectly!  So it's a bit of a luck-of-the-draw, though with only the two mechs I can't say how common it is.  And honeslty: I don't much care.  Doesn't ruin the playability one bit!

Now the next thing I wanted to do was a series of action shots, but that turned into like, THIRTY shots.  Why?  Because Mega Bloks has so many cool things to mix together!  I mean the background is eventually Lego buildings, but the rest I wanted to just use Mega Bloks to see what kinda crazy nonsense I could get into...

So hopefully the point gets across with how many pictures there are!  I don't take tons of pics of boring toys that aren't any fun to play with (unless they're hilarious).  And---

...ah well, I'm sure they can handle it.  Anyway, you get my drift!  These are FUN.  No question!  If you like heavy, MechWarrior style mechs, then these are certainly for you!  At about 15 bucks it's quite a little set with lots of play value.  Either you're a collector and mechs are awesome, or you're a kid and this thing will seriously travel the whole house in search of enemies, which could be any old toy!  When the scale is so small, anything works great as an enemy.  This is a classic kinda toy - the one that breaks barriers and is plain fun no matter where you put it.

Of course, if you have other Mega Bloks sets, then they'll match up with anything, as I've displayed!  The articulation on the figures match up with other sets, so you can have this awesome mashed up universe with cannon dragons, Marvel Superheros, World of name it!

OR SKYLANDERS!  Man, Mega Bloks has everything!  Am I gushing about them too much?  Well deal with it!  They're awesome.  Go on now - pick yerself up some little mechs and have an adventure!  


  1. Man, how cool are Mega Bloks? The more I try to stay away, the more I get sucked in. They do go well with anything, but I'd like to see them do more original lines, instead of all the licenced stuff. I mean, their HALO stuff is great, and the new Call of Duty stuff looks amazing, but what would happen if they went the Lego route and came up with their own stuff?

    This post makes me want to cover all my Mega Bloks Pyrates stuff.

    And how great is "lamp swat"?

    1. Yeah honestly, when they do original lines they usually fail! Not in my eyes, of course, because I LOVE Dragons Universe, but for some reason that stuff never sells! I can't figure out why. Dragons Universe had the same awesomely articulated guys in badass armor but they fought DRAGONS. Then, later they fought cyber dragons with cannons on their backs! CANNONS!! How is that not a license to print money?

      In any case, I would love it if Mega Bloks did the Lego thing and brought out new original lines every year or so, just to see what they could do with those little super articulated guys. ...but I certainly don't mind if they keep buying up awesome licenses, either. I was psyched when they got Skylanders, and that didn't let me down one bit!

    2. Ikr. I love megabloks(now megaconsrtux) it was my favroite when i was 5, and i still love it now at 10. But i would love to see there own licences, i have a good idea. Its called zombie attack. Its about a zombie invasion in mcdalse a fictional town i made wth 4 charecters ray,lucy,chuck,and dc,seth. And theres SUPER zombies like the rustaler. Its a zombie that has a garden hoe that can camoflage in leaves. BUT you can hear rustles hence the name

    3. Well, they are trying! They recently started that expert-builder series (can't remember what it's called), starting with a Viking ship, not attached to any licenses. Next they'll be doing a big space rover with sci-fi astronauts 'n such. Hopefully they do well! I'd love to see what they could do wit ha zombie series, unattached to Call of Duty. They already have the zombie molds, after all.

    4. Pro builder ya, actually that is a revival of a defunct line. Honestly I'm with you, would love to see mega do original licenses once again. In particular I want to see them attempt a revival of there Dragons line.

  2. Have you gotten the Zombie Versus pack yet? It's a Target exclusive 5-pack of Halo Spartans, one blue guy with a shotgun, four GLOW IN THE DARK Spartans with green swords. It's awesome.

    1. YES. Snapped that up right away! Sadly the only non-glowing guy in the pack broke (my first Mega Bloks break ever) but I never got around to bringing it back because...well, the glowy guys were all okay! Granted, the principal of the thing is that I technically didn't get a complete set for my money, but eh. I'll just use the rest of his non-broken parts for something. He probably would have gone in a bin anyway.

    2. I know this is a old response but there customer services will almost guarantee replacement of missing or broken parts. Heck I just purchased a sealed MB Dragon from there meta ages line a month ago and it was missing a piece. 12 year old set and I still got a replacement for it.

  3. HAH, and here I was this stormy Sunday evening looking at various pics of the Halo Mega-Bloks sets.

    And Alexx returns with a bumper of a post update complete with Front Mission gags.

    I hear this Cyclops mech was originally part of a larger Halo Wars Firebase set that never made it out the door, but they already had the tooling for the little suit so they put it out in 4 flavours. Good move on Mega Brands part. These have just turned up locally and are very tempting. The only Megabloks I have are some blind pack halo figures. Do I dare to dip more than my toes into that ocean?

    As Zach mentioned above I hope you pick up some of the figure packs at least just for the potential mixing and matching madness. Those new mini-figs look to top the Halo figures. awesome review of the Helicopter set.

    1. Yeah, these mechs are really close to Wanzers, aren't they? I mean, save for the cockpit being a bit more open.

      Anyway, that's interesting! I'm SO glad they packaged these by themselves - very smart move. I've always like their "egg" ideas (like dragons in eggs, or the Halo guys in the pods) so this is sorta similar, only they're full-on mechs! Anyway, yeah - dip those toes! I have absolutely no interest in Halo. I just love how all of Mega Bloks toylines seamlessly blend together! Iron Man could easily be taking on those mechs, or fighting those dragons, and you wouldn't bat an eye.

      And yes, the Call of Duty stuff JUST showed up. I bought a set with a little tank drone, so I'll be seeing how those are as soon as I open it up. I'm not big on the realistic military stuff, but I think the fact that it's tiny and crazy articulated will make up for the plain-Jane look.

    2. I totally agree with seamlessness, plus it helps the mini figures are extremely well done.

      With those CoD sets, one person already popped a new head on the Snow Mobile figure's body, I think it's one of those Star Wars Unleashed heads of a Hoth trooper: Can you say SNOW JOB?

      I already want to make a mini Solid Snake to sneak around these guys and fight a brick made Metal Gear. All the older Mega Blok heads would probably work well on these figures. I wonder if splicing the small Sigma Six figures would work. Since that would give them bodies that don't suck.

      I don't play Call of Duty and I want them all.

  4. A few things:
    1. Awesome review. Welcome back.
    2. It's funny to look back on Mega Bloks' history...I remember when they were basically just the cheaper version of Lego, but with fewer "brick" type pieces and more bigass single, unique parts. I think they've been wise to run with the big, unique parts and make their lines more like interchangeable toys than true building sets.
    3. I love that the bios for the two mechs both describe tearing things "in half."
    "Cyclops unit three! We're two kilometers from the target and there's still one Covenant superstructure in the way. I need you to get in there and tear it in thirds!"
    "Negative commander. These Cyclops are capable only of tearing in halves."

    1. 1. Thanks! I'm trying to pick things back up again. We'll see how it goes!

      2. Yeah I'm not really sure when Mega Bloks caught my attention. I think it was with the Dragons stuff in the little eggs. Also, the first time I ran into their articulated minifigures was with some set of knights...awhile back. Not sure when. But they've been ignored for far too long! I think all the Halo stuff has brought them into the spotlight finally, and honestly they deserve it. They make some quality stuff.

      3. "Wait, Cyclops Unit Three, we need a grilled cheese cut EXACTLY in half over here! Back to base, PRONTO!"