Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Touch Me! (July '12)

All rise for the Spikor national anthem:

...please be seated.

Don't touch him.  He's Spikor!  There are many spikes on Spikor.  It is a good reason not to touch him.  Also: He's super pissed.  Look at that grumpy puss.  Why so angry, Spikor?  Is it because you've been fused with a magical piece of armor?

Apparently.  His bio states that he was fused with a magical piece of armor, rather than just lookin' like this.  I'm not sure which I like better; on one hand, this would be an interesting race of people.  On the other, I like that he's unique and there aren't any other spiky people around.  Take it how you will!  One way or another he's a cool figure.

Now what you're seeing above is actually an addition in the MotUC toyline: a normal left hand.  His original figure just had a trident (with balls on the end) that slid out of his arm.  It worked with the spring action punch that most MotU figures had, so that when you twisted him and let go, the force of the punch would extend the trident.  Neat!

So lets get rid of that hand:

Thank you He-Man!  The hand pops off on the same peg system as any other removable hands in this toyline, so feel free to mix 'n match.

Then you can pop on the attachment to recreate the original figure!  Except here the red piece is separate, so you can choose how you would like to display him:

With or without the red piece.  I think this is because the red piece was sometimes not there in the minicomics.  Anyway, they also give you a second extended piece to mimic the 'ol action feature:

Finally, the peg system also means that you're free to screw around with Spymonkey parts and make whatever you want:

Spikor is also Skeletor's blacksmith, making all his magical weapons and armor, so often times you'll see him with a hammer attachment by fans.  I like the idea of mixing it up with weapons as well.

And speaking of weapons, he of course comes with a hand held weapon as well:

Which is why I chose orange for some of his other attachments:

Finally, in terms of accessories, his armor does come off like the rest, though it's a much tougher material and the spikes can actually leave little marks on your hand when you remove it!

...*sigh* of course my first idea when showing him without the armor was this:

Because I can't help it.

There we go, that's a little more normal.  Anyway, he's got a very unique purple going for him in case you wanted to mix and match using his body.  With the armor and head removable, you can get rid of anything that makes him Spikor!  Which raises questions about not being able to touch him...

On that subject:

Not EVEN HE-MAN.  Can stop.  Spikor.  Why?  Well Skeletor plainly displays his inability to even touch Spikor without pulling back with a sissy yelp.  Surely He-Man couldn't possibly punch this beast!  It's not like he has any open areas to----

...oh.  Well okay, I guess you can't even get 'em in the pills!  At least not without some sorta weapon.

Seriously though, I imagine that magical armor he's fused with is pretty badass, so I doubt simply hacking at him will do a whole lot. 

Not that you can't hurt the guy, but he just seems like a bruiser to me.  Big tough, armored, and carries two large crushing weapons.  I never had the guy as a kid, so I wasn't really sure what to do with him when I got him, but he's one of those simply impressive figures that grow without much help from your imagination!  He looks tough, so you imagine him as such.  I doubt you'd encounter him in battle very often, since he's the blacksmith, but if you do, you certainly want to watch the hell out.

...course you could always try to cut his arms or legs.  Maybe those are armored too?  Who knows.

Anyway, I love a good tank, and this guy has TANK written all over him in armored spikes.  Great figure!


  1. He's like the deadly blowfish (careful on what you cut).

    Since he's a blacksmith, you need to make him a forge (perhaps the Techno-Vipers can help a fellow purple brother out?).

    P.S I'm bidding on a local auction for the MotUC Griffin (while trying not to click on any other MotUC auctions), what have you doooone?

    1. I have shown you the way! Who needs money for important things? Toys are what is important now! Follow the path and it shall lead you to...well, poverty, but at least you'll have lots of cool stuff! As they say: try to die with the most things, because you can most certainly take it with you! Don't they say that? Yeah, I think that's right.

    2. Oh I'm well down that road, but one I happily tread.

      I just have to stay on target (though Vikor, BG Teela and the Snakemen 2-pack are awfully tempting, plus Draego-man oh my that Draego-man). Griffin is however perrrrfect for me (much like this huge Mega-blok dragon with lights and sound was).

      I might have to make my own Snake/lizard men for 1/18 inspired by MotU (and Robert E Howard before that).

      In the meantime, your blog, your images, your humour do a lot for me. It doesn't matter what you put up, you're pretty much gonna bring the goods. Much appreciated Alexx.

    3. Well thanks man, it's much appreciated on my end as well! I love doin' this stuff, but it's so much better when folks are enjoying it.

    4. Thanks to Black Friday sales, I got both BG girls, Hurricane Hordak, Faceless One, Count Marzo, and Draego-Man on their way. Fwoosh had an awesome pic of BG Teela jumping off of Battlecat, so I'll probably get him for BG Teela (I have no need for a He-Man, so I wasn't considering getting a Battlecat til I saw that pic), and I know I'll be getting Panthor. After that, all I'll want is Leech and the new Evil Horde members (Mosquitor, Octavia, and possibly the Fighting Foe Men). I'm still undecided on the Star Sisters. Then I'll probably be done with MOTUC. Unless I get the Evil Mutants.

      Can you tell I am a villian type of guy?

  2. This is the best Spikor review on the 'net. Other reviews are professional and thorough... but they don't sell this toy as any fun. Until your review, this toy looked boring "Oh, goodie, another MOTUC just like the vintage.... whoo..." But spiked balls? Spy Monkey Armory goodness? Taking on FISTO? Standing around with weapons sticking out uncaring like a boss? Super fun!

    1. Thanks so much! I try to go over all the things that the figure inspires in my imagination. Funny thing is that Fisto came along only because he had a sword; it's funny, but there are few classic Heroic Warriors that carry swords! But as I took the pics, I realized that Spikor is really quite a friggin' BEAST. Or at least it seems like he should be. Then I plugged 'em full of weapons and it was settled!

  3. Didn't the vintage package call him the master of "Evil combat" or something like that? I guess evil combat means as much nard-stomping and gut punches as possible, eh?

    1. That or the Way of the Ninja (I read somewhere that the way of the Ninja was bascially to win in any way possible, so I guess that means kick 'em in the nuts and run).

      Anyway, there seems to be a lot of potential for this guy, but they haven't used him in any media beyond the minicomics (I think). He's the blacksmith makin' cool stuff, the package says he's a master of combat, he's nearly untouchable - sounds pretty badass! (Ya know, ignoring the exposed arms and legs). Still, no one ever gets the time to bring him in and make him shine.