Saturday, October 27, 2012

Snakes Can't Grow Moustaches (June '12)

...the captions are referring to the Horde Prime packaged shot, 'cause they were originally lined up and I totally forgot.  The joke is just based on folks freakin' out 'cause MAA dies in the current continuity Mattel brewing.  I think it's funny, 'cause you know...who cares?  Don't kill 'em if you don't want to.  They're your toys.  Make up whatever story you want!

Anyway, I dunno if snakes can grow moustaches or not, but if they could, I'm sure we'd be seeing a lot more badass snakes slithering around with even more reasons not to mess with them grown right on their faces.  Heads?  Can you call that a face?  I dunno. 

Anyway, Snake Man-At-Arms here was going to be a slight repaint of Man-At-Arms in the colors of the 2002 cartoon.  They weren't much of a difference, but the figures were.  For instance: 2002 MAA was wearing a full battlesuit, with all the green being armor rather than...I dunno, spandex?  I don't know what that is.  Looks tight, though. 

Thankfully Mattel opted not to do that, because that would be boring.  Instead, they followed some fan advice and mixed in some Roboto parts (and a little bit of clever painting) to recreate the 2002 look AND paintjob!  I think it went rather fantastically.

First off: there's regular MAA on the right with Snake MAA on the left.  Regular MAA came with an alternate head with a moustache, so BAM - instant 2002 MAA with one headswap.

However, you gotta have the first MAA (of course) to pull this off.  Otherwise, you get exactly what it says on the package: Snake Man-At-Arms.

  All he's got is the mace and a Serpent Ring that King Hsss uses to turn people into Snake Men.  Anyway, very cool headsculpt, but mostly useless because the moustache head is so damn awesome.  Speaking of which, I might as well show you the 2002 version for comparison.

You can see the orange foot and arm there, so they copied it here; though the left hand on the 2002 version is green.  The thing there is that the whole arm is orange on the toon, so they opted to copy that a little closer than the toy (which was a good plan, I think). 

All in all I'd say this guy was a brilliant idea!  You get all that crazy robo junk from the 2002 version in a classic shell.  Well, if you have the first version for the moustache head.  'Cause you know...snakes can't grow moustaches.

Also, many of them cannot close their mouths.  True story.  Nah, that's not a story.  It's true though.  Trust me - ON THIS ONE.


  1. Look how far they've come in 10 or so years (and I'm still sour the 2002 era came to an end quickly here).

    Hands down some of the best looking Larger action figures in existent, that aren't too expensive as say importing Figma/revoltech or any 1/6th madness.

    Plus Snakemen-anything, hilariously fun. I suppose he can collect the moustaches of his enemy.

    1. Yeah, you know, we complain a lot about $25 figures, but it's sort of amazing how expensive the top-shelf collector figures get. I'd love to collect me some Soul of Chogokin, but some of those guys cost as much as one entire shelf of stuff in my toy room.

    2. Yeah, and pretty amazing how many reviews of Soul of Chogokin and other similarly expensive toylines have mention of breaks 'n such. It's almost as if any toyline could have problems! But, fans are pretty sure that MotUC is RIFE with absolutely inexcusable problems that no other toyline sufferes from.