Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Alexx Shorts: RoC RAM with Sandstorm (9/15/11)

Well, this is it: I've finally decided to start reposting my old "Alexx Shorts" G.I. Joe reviews.  They're the reviews that lead to what eventually became this blog!  I'll be posting them in straight copy-and-paste format, separating them with bold dotted lines so you know where they begin and end, and then I'll post some final thoughts on what I think of the figure currently.

For those unfamiliar: I used to take random pictures here and there, but by the time the Rise of Cobra toys came out, I was getting annoying with how much people had been bashing the figures which were clearly better than the previous 25th Anniversary offerings.  I set out to show people how awesome they were, and things went from there, forming into "Alexx Shorts", named so because I thought I was going to keep to a short format with a few pictures.  I did not do that.



It's time for Canceled Target Exclusive #2! This one wasn't really on my list, but Grey Fox picked it up for me on a whim, and I figured: why not? The RAM is a solid vehicle, and I can always use Sandstorm for parts.

Speaking of parts: Sandstorm is a standard RoC body (possibly Shipwreck?) with a Firefly head and the rad helmet that came with jetpack Resolute Duke. Overall, it's a cool presentation, though he seems to be without a neck, most times. That, and his eyes just seem to....stare into your soul.

Sandy here comes with a rifle and the pistol that comes in the saddle pack of the RAM. 

He holds them both well! I actually found myself really liking the figure, and though I had planned on using him for parts, I think I may keep him the way he is. His filecard isn't much for information (like usual) but it gets the point across: he's military police, and he guards stuff. Cool! I do seem to remember someone saying that PoC Zartan's disguise was supposed to be Sandstorm, but it doesn't say it on his card, so this guy will be Sandstorm!

Hey look, it's the RAM again! Not much to say here; it's the same vehicle you remember from childhood (with some added handlebars) or the same RAM you got in the 25th anniversary line, but desert flavored. The stickers are a tad different this time around (some of them are bigger, too; the saddle pack stickers don't fit where they want you to put them) but that's about it.

In case you're completely unfamiliar with the RAM: it's a cycle with a crazy gatling gun sidecar (removable). The two saddle packs on the sides are removable and can be opened; one of them even contains a pistol (be sure to check for it, 'cause it's not in the little baggie with his rifle)!  You can fit one to two people (back seat has gotta hang on around the waist) and you turn the handles to make the wheel turn.  Good fun for everyone!

Sandstorm hangs on well, though his hands are kinda small and you have to work them on there. Otherwise, Sandstorm is actually a tad shorter than most, so he fits pretty well!

Though I wasn't planning on getting this one, I find it hard to deter anyone from it. I mean, it's a solid vehicle with a solid (if not standard) repaint figure, and if you're lookin' for a desert cycle, then this is certainly it! It's really one of those items that you either want or you don't. There's no problems with it, but it also doesn't stand out as something that you just gotta get. I would suggest it if you're lookin' for a little flavor in your RAM collection or, if you're completely without a RAM, then I would certainly suggest it as a good choice in cycle toys for Joes! If you have a Ross around you, then you're not gona find a better price! If you don't have one around you....well then you're just not gona find it.

So, in short: it's nothin' to write home about, but it is still a fun and interesting vehicle with a basic repaint guy that's ready for an imagination to bring him to life. Whether or not you need it is up to you.


I'm gona be honest with you: There's nothing else to say, and this is my favorite of my old reviews.  I'm just happy to put it back up on the internet again.  Go hunt this down if you want a desert RAM or the greatest hero of our generation.


  1. "Wait. There's another name you might know me by." Zoom in on face. "Sandstorm."


    "Come on man. Legendary desert biker..."

    1. Man, now I wana see "Sandstorm: Legendary Desert Biker" in theaters

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6120QOlsfU

  3. Been meaning to get this guy and the ROC desert Joe pack. Dunno why I just really like the colour scheme.

  4. The Darude card has already been played so I don't have much to add to this one.

    The RAM Cycle sure was cool!