Saturday, April 1, 2017


It's toys.
I like toys.

Here's a toy.

Here's a part of a toy.

This is a face part of a toy.  It's how they see and scream.

Toys hunt in packs.  It's part of why I like the toys.

This one is a toy face.  They use it to see and smile.

These are dead toys. They are not sleeping.

This is a toy nipple.

This is some toys, but not all of the toys.  All of them are everywhere else.

This is a toy face. It uses it (the toy face it, not it it, unless it's it and not it the toy face it, then it's it) to possibly see, but not scream or smile, because it can't.

Many assume that buying toys makes more toys, but they reproduce asexually, as displayed above.

This is it for Sonic the Hedgehog.

This one got out of hand, but I'm working on it.  It's not alive yet.

This normal bird toy has a stick.

I like toys.

I like toys.

This one did something wrong.

Toys grip.

I don't like this toy.

This one has parts.  Parts that move.

Most assume that toys can't be up, but I put them there and they stayed.

Here we are.

These toys are inside.


I'm close to this toy.

I'm closed to this toy.

This is from a little known Gundam anime called Gundam X that I highly enjoy, but it aired along side Evangelion so it didn't get many viewers and it kinda ended before it had a chance to shine and I really liked it so it's on the wall on a nail in the wall.

This is strong.

This toy eats.

This is slimer's anus

I own this one.

*heavy breathing*

I'm not a toy.  I use this to use them.

They're so far away.

And very fast.

Some of them see, with face.



Have toy.  You earned it.


  1. This read a bit like "Go Dog, Go." Except with toys.

    1. HA! Funny you mention that. Not only was that my favorite book, back in the day, but it's becoming a favorite with my boy Jake, even though he can't read it yet. He just sits there with it and flips through it all the time. So yes, you're absolutely right!

  2. Replies
    1. They will spring forth from the ground like a pyroclastic flow of toy destruction, pouring over all.