Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tomfoolery After Dark: Blacklight Special Returns Again AGAIN

It's happening again!  If you're unfamiliar with all of this, then simply click on the Blacklight Special tag and take a look at previous installments. 

As usual: I've been taking blacklight pics nearly every night with some random toys.  Some turn out better than others, some are obvious, and others surprise you!  Some of the figures that don't even light up can surprise you just by the lighting alone.  You never know what you're gona get! 

...plus, I have a huge blacklog of these pictures, so they're really useful for an easy post in case the previous week happened to have killed me.

Don't worry, I'm alive.  Maybe.

Sometimes you REALLY want a beam saber to light up, but you get nothing from it.  On the other hand, like I said: Sometimes the lighting surprises you!  This is a Gabthley, from Zeta Gundam.  You probably wouldn't see it as much more than a weird-ass mech, but it happened to be one of my best mobile suits from a game called "Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam" (really rolls off the tongue).  A friend and I would TEAR through that game and the Gabthley would be my metal warhorse.  It's useful because it can transform into a plane (of some sort) and allows me to quickly get in and out of a battle while still shooting. 

Waspinator is a good example of surprise plastic: the basic green just BLINDS you!  ...but not much else.  It's neat!

I also had to try out the light piping.  That's always fun.

You'll notice the grainy quality to them - I suppose some of these might be better with my camera, but for these, I use my phone.  Part of it is ease-of-use, and another part is that the phone's quality sometimes makes for some interesting highlights and "auras" around the figures.  The grainy quality also adds that weird "sheen" to it that I love. 

...but sometimes a nice clear shot is cool too!  Technically nothing actually glows with this Kamen Rider, but I still love how the light plays off it. 

And this is what I'm talking about with the "aura."  I'm not sure what causes this, but it only seems to happen with the phone (of course, part of it was because my old phone's camera was scratched, so you'll see various levels of quality as I use pics from both my old and new phone). 

One thing that will ALWAYS light up is a clear figure.  Sometimes it's interesting, and other times the light is so uniform that it just looks like a solid figure.  This one had a ghostly feel to it!

Adjusting the light to the bottom of him brings out a little more detail.  It's a stealth variant of a Halo figure - can't remember which.  He actually busted apart on me awhile back, and I found his parts in a bin semi-recently.  Some super glue was all I needed to bring this guy back together again.  Didn't even need all the King's men!  I mean, what are they even good for anyway? 

Clear green is the best of the translucent colors, obviously.  That will always light up, no problem.  This is a Glyos figure.  You'll see that the blacklight just makes him look...solid! 

He is most certainly not, however.

See how that grainy quality adds some cool effects?  I love it!

This is a clear blue Sonic figure, but I couldn't get much out of him.  I'll have to try again sometime.

Now I can't help but imagine Piccolo sitting with his arms crossed in the laundromat, waiting for his weighted clothes to dry as they thump around and make the dryer almost walk around the room.

Thanos and Death - a match made in the blackest pits of hell.  Someone needs to make a cheesy romance novel picture of these two.

This is a Monster High figure - my wife got in to them a bit, and I ended up buying her the whole set of the mix-and-match line 'cause of how impressive they are.  You can pull the hair off and see the brains, but then you PUSH the brains and the eyes change!  After that it's a matter of adding guts, clothes, and faces.  It's neat having such a morbid toyline for girls.  People rarely acknowledge that some little girls like gross things as well (what with children being children, and "gross things" being a standard child interest, unless you were me and were careful to stay out of mud). 

Anyway: My wife put all the "fire" pieces together on this girl and MAN did that fire stuff light up! 

Alright, I think it's time for the MotUC rundown!  You might guess that MotUC is one of the higher frequency of pics, when it comes to blacklight shots, and you'd be right.

...this is Man-E-Faces with a Skeletor face.  You'd think they would have painted the face just like regular Skeletor - and in normal lighting, they did.  Skeletor's normal face doesn't light up like this, though.  I dunno where those pupils are coming from.  There's always gotta be one creepy photo in these sets. 

This is "Disco" Skeletor, who I had high hopes for.  Sadly, the blinding neon orange of his face just added up to nothing.  Still turned out nice in terms of lighting, though.

YEESH.  And this found-footage shot is a great way to end, I think.  Can't stare at this guy for too long.



  1. Who knew IG-88 would have a force ghost?

    Also, I feel for Leeroy Green Jr. Now everybody has the glow!

    1. Turns out IG-88 was a Jedi all along!

      Nah, see, they're all just from the sequel where an evil company is making artificial Glow for people, until Leeroy shows them what the REAL Glow looks like.

  2. Did the regular Faker figure come with dat Terminator face? It rules.

    1. He did not - that came packed with New Adventures Skeletor. A lot of people had been asking for something like that ever since Faker originally came out, so Mattel obliged by throwing it in with NA Skelly. Worked out great!

    2. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Alexx1083/media/0%20Masters%20of%20the%20Universe%20Classics%200/FAHKER1.png.html?sort=3&o=262


      Forgot I also took some pics back when I got 'em, too.

    3. That head really is great.

      Also it's pretty funny how Photobucket is trying to sell me framed prints of your photos. I just like to think that there are people who select random photos in people's buckets and buy high-quality prints of them.

    4. It really is awesome! Only problem is that the hair color doesn't match the normal head, but it's a pretty small problem (for me, anyway).

      Yeah, I miss the old days when Photobucket used to just hold my pictures and nothing else. It's like if a golf caddy started plastering ads to your golf bag and offering to sell you new clubs every time you go to grab one.