Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Schwag Brag: Slowly Roasted

It's Schwag Brag time!  What hath Alexx wrought?  Or bought.  That makes more sense.

Well, to start: Note the Marvel Legend of Ghost Rider.  You may be wondering: "Gee, Alexx, are you a fan of Ghost Rider?

Nah, not really.  He DOES have a flaming skull for a head, though.  Not sure I need to explain further.

This is one of those superheroes that I feel isn't used to his full potential.  He fights demons 'n such and has a "penance stare" that makes you feel guilty and...kills you, I guess.  BUT WHERE'S THE GUITAR?!




Seriously though, this is the best Ghost Rider I've ever gotten; even if he doesn't come with a chain weapon.  He's out now, and if you like the character (or just like flaming skulls, like me) then I highly suggest hunting him down.  He has an articulated jaw!  Get him.  Get him now.

Otherwise, in Marvel Legend news:

This is a Target three-pack that I only wanted for that Ultron.  I justified it by using a giftcard from my birthday! 

Still, it IS a nice Hulk and Vision.  Hulk is just the Avengers sculpt, but with a new head (apparently based on his "Marvel Now" look?  It just looks like Norman Osborn hair.  It's weird).  I had thought Vision was a "phasing" variant, but I noticed he had bare feet, so I looked it up, and this is just another costume of his.  It's cool, but you best inspect those packages before buying.  I looked at five different packages and this one was the only pack with a Vision that didn't have any paint screw-ups on his linework. 

Speaking of multipacks:

There are new "Dimension X" turtles out in white space armor, and Target put out a set with all of them in chromed armor!  It's a freakin' cool set and I highly recommend it.


It also comes with a chrome Fugitoid!  YAAAY!  Yeah!  Ha. 

Am I the only one excited about Fugitoid?  The guy gets one action figure every ten years, and I've always loved the design (vintage one, especially!) so I'm excited!  He's also got a pearly white single packed version that I will ALSO get.  I ain't passin' up Fugitoid (I mean, counting the two new ones: That only makes FIVE versions of him in existence, total!)

One more multipack:

This is a random Adventure Time multipack with Finn, Jake, and BMO in video-game blocky style.  They're neat!  BMO takes the gold, though.  He's just a great, basic BMO. 

Though, Finn does have a Jake Shield.  That's pretty boss.

In the world of goofy-lookin' stuff, there's also these:

Power Rangers have villains again!  For the first time since...well, since I was a kid!  I have no idea why they stopped making monsters, but it was a mistake, and these prove that fact. These are some real kickin' toys!  I love the crazy designs, and though they limit articulation in certain places, they do it intelligently, so you never feel like you're missing out.  Even the skeleton guy is awesome, and his body is mostly a chunk!

Plus, they're also making figures of the Zords:

Though I don't think that's anything new.

Anyway, speaking of monsters:

Here's Scareswole - er, Scarecrow, from a current Batman line (you know the kind - tons of Batman, one or two villains?).  For some reason, Scarecrow is JACKED and ready to cut down the town with his big 'ol scythe.  ...not that the scythe is his, anymore.  The last post about Death should give you the answer as to why. 

Yeah, I'll be honest: I bought this mostly for that scythe.  Still, he's a neat figure.  And hilarious!  So there's that.

Here's something else spoopy: It's a skeleton!  He's from the Realm of the Underworld, an independent toyline.  I've wanted to check them out, but they're a little pricey for me on most occasions (considering all the stuff I buy).  This time, though, they made some "Slimed Drones": all translucent figures that come with slime.  I knew I wanted at least ONE of their skeletons, and now seemed like the best time, what with being translucent and all (and the fact that they aren't releasing these again, when they sell out).  I would have liked the green one, but he was already sold out.

I would have slimed him for you, but...I don't really have a good place for it, and I didn't feel like cleaning up.  He does come with some cool BRIGHT pink slime, though!  Nice and Ghostbusters-two-ey. 

Anyway, I thought they would be the size of the vintage He-Man stuff (since they have similar articulation) but he's MUCH bigger!  Almost in scale with the current 7 inch MotUC!  The price made a little more sense, once I found that out.  If this is your thing, I'd at least check one of them out.  They are supposed to be for adults, but kids could play with these, no problem (though they're expensive kid's toys). 

Let's see, what else is dead?  Oh yes!

It's a Playmobil light-up Ghost! There's a button on the bottom to turn him on.  One press and he slowly cycles through different colors.  A second press and he just slowly flashes white.

On top of THAT...he is also made of glow in the dark plastic!  You can't lose!  No matter what: This Ghost WILL glow.  I freaking love him.

Here's something else with a ghost: XEVOZ!  I bought these off my buddy Heli and pretty much finished off any lingering desires from the old Xevoz line.  If you're unaware: Xevoz was a mix-and-match game-and-toyline that was awesomely designed and filled with endless possibilities.  It is still awesome to this day, even if it didn't last very long. 

A couple sets didn't make it to regular retail, near the end, though a few trickled out (sadly, not anywhere near me). Thankfully Heli managed to get them and then came to his senses and sold them to me!  The rightful owner! 

The very, VERY important figure is this:

The Infiltrator.  The head doesn't light up - I just shined a laser pointer at it (it has light-piping).  This terror bot wears a sort of cape that can be pushed back to look like wings.

His hands are laser claws, his body is skeletal, and he's just....ah man, so awesome.  So, so awesome.  It is a travesty that more people didn't have access to this figure.  Hell, it's a travesty that Xevoz didn't last!  It would be a HIT, nowadays, what with all the mix-and-match toylines out there. 

Last thing about Infiltrator: When you open up his chest, you get this:

There's actually a tiny robot controlling the Infiltrator!  I love it!  I LOVE THIS LINE!  How in the world did Xevoz ever fail?? 

*ahem* okay, let's switch gears.  Xevoz gets me all worked up.

Here's a banana truck!  My wife and I went to Chicago earlier in October, and found this store called Dylan's Candy Bar.  It's crazy!  So much candy...and so many things in which to put candy.  You can pick nearly any kind of bin and fill it with all sorts of candy.

Stands to reason I'd pick a truck and fill it full of bananas.  I have eaten all the bananas.

Speaking of Chicago:

We went to a Disney Store and I found the "Elite Series" Captain Phasma!  It's nearly all die-cast metal and HEAVY.  You could give someone a concussion if you threw it at 'em.  She's not amazingly well articulated, but the weight of it and cool-shiny-armor factor kinda blind me to my usual complaints.  If I could say anything against it, it's that they could have at LEAST given her swivel elbows so she could hold her gun in both hands.  Still: This looked like the best of the bunch, when it came to the Elite Series. 

Otherwise, in terms of Star Wars:

Can't even believe I found this guy.  The current Black Series is nearly non-existent.  I don't really have the patience to hunt for them, but I don't want enough of them to bother buying a case of them from an online store (nor do I want to pay individual prices). 

Darth Revan - I mean, Kylo Ren is pretty badass!  He moves well and none of the skirts get in the way.  You can even pull his hood down and have it stay down, if you like.  If you see 'em, I'd just get 'em for the cool factor.  (Saber doesn't light up - just the laser pointer again).

Okay, what else...

I bought these candy-box figures of Kamen Rider guys - they're Joe scale!  It's called "SHODO Kamen Rider", and they come pretty much ready to go, save for cutting the hands off of parts trees. 

They are very articulated and AWESOME, so I highly suggest them if you're in to Kamen Rider. 

Also, I now have a little sliding scale of sized for this guy:

Always good to buy one specific character in a million different ways.  That way people get a fair warning about how crazy you are!

Alright, moving on...

Little Playskool Transformer!  I couldn't pass up the window-eyed head and the Gundam colors.  Plus his claw snaps open and closed.  He's a fun little guy to fidget with.

I dunno why I bought him, otherwise.  Impulse buy?

In other why-did-I-buy-this news:

An Amiibo!  Why do I keep buying Amiibos?  This is Meta Knight, otherwise known as "required" in the Alexx books.  He was stupidly a Best Buy exclusive, otherwise known as "SCALP HIM!" in the asshole books.  And scalp him the assholes did!  Thankfully I found him at a decent price on ebay and went for it anyway.  It was only about five bucks more than the normal price, so I deemed it passable. 

To it's credit: It is VERY slick.  I don't normally go for statues, but this is one hell of a Meta Knight.  Certainly the best-looking out of my three other things that are Meta Knight (two keychains and a model kit).  I look forward to turning Mario into Meta Knight, on Mario Maker.

As for Nintendo stuff...

Here's creepy World of Nintendo Ganon, from Wind Waker!  He's HUGE.  Possibly bigger than he should be, but they haven't made a Wind Waker Link, yet, so I don't know just how huge.

He looks like he jumped right off the screen, though I can't help feeling like he's really missing some OOMPH without his swords.  Don't get me wrong, I like him!  He just needs them swords.

But we'll cover that more, later.

Here's the reason I even have Ganon!  Him and the Metroid were sold together, and I simply could NOT pass up the Metroid for the normal retail price.  I don't think I'll ever find it, at this point, 'cause Toys R Us is the only one stocking the big scale figures, and they refuse to put anything out beyond the two Donkey Kongs that have been collecting dust for awhile. 

I won't say much here, 'cause this is getting its own post.

Our final stop is an explanation for the Ghost of Tomfoolery at the end of the last post:

My friend Heli was also getting rid of some DC Universe figures, though there was only one that was a requirement:  The Gentleman Ghost. 

Yes, there's a DC villain called the Gentleman Ghost.  He's a gentleman and a ghost and I don't even care LOOK AT HIM.  What is this?

Did someone create this knowing that one day I would be born and want a toy of it?  'Cause I was born and I want a toy of it and here it is. 

He's the Ghost of Tomfoolery now.

*MUWAH* Bellissimo!!  What is this perfection.  I'm not worthy of it. 


  1. Ghost of Tomfoolery seems like a clever-y guy.

    I sold off most of my Xevoz figs a few years back, but I did keep several of the spooky ones - the Frankenstein monster, vampire, skeleton, and black/flame skeleton. I think I did see Infiltraitor at a Big Lots once with several of the other last-wave figures, but I didn't pick it up...regrets.

    1. I kept that reference very low-key and yet YOU STILL GOT IT. *slow clap* Bravo, sir.

      Man, I would have LOVED to have ran into the end of the Xevoz stuff somewhere. Certainly was trying, back then. I'm lucky to have gotten what I did, now.

    2. *Bows extravagantly*
      It's not like I quote that series in my head every day...all the time...NO sireeeee...

      ...Wun-Dar is not invited to the party.

  2. My only gripe with the larger world of Nintendo figures is that who are they going to make next? Ridley is the only guy that really deserves one. Perhaps they can spread out and make vehicles, like Mario karts, Epona and arwings!

    1. If they don't make Ridley, I will cry bitter tears and throw a tantrum.

      Beyond that: They've got plenty of large bosses to choose from! There's any number of bosses from Mario 2 that would be perfect in that scale! There's also stuff like Thwomps (which, I realize, would be a giant toy brick, but I still want one), a Mario 64 giant Chain Chomp, or heck, MANY of the bosses from Mario 64. There's the giant Hammer Bro (is that s Sledge Bro?) from Mario 3, and....well that's all Mario games! There's also other bosses from the Metroid series (though Kraid would either have to be the smaller version, or they do one of those giant figures of him), and there's also so, soooo many Zelda bosses. I'd love to see a classic blue-pig-demon Ganon! Trident and everything!

      Honestly, there are very many directions to take that larger line if they could JUST GET STORES TO STOCK IT! Gah! Why does no one want to stock the 6 inch series?!

    2. You should do more gundam nonsense because it had the best gundam jokes

    3. I guess it has been a good while since I did anything with Gundam stuff. I've been meaning to pull them out and do another shot of favorites among my MSiA figures, but that'll take some work! I promise I'll get to more Gundam stuff at some point - it is a large chunk of my collection, after all!

  3. What is the exact brand name/line for the 4inch Kamen Riders?

    1. Crap, I'm sorry! I shoulda put that in there. It's called "Shodo Kamen Rider", that should get you what you need. I bought them from here:


      Though there may be other places to get them.