Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Power Rangers meets Imaginext: Buttkicking in the Cute Scale

If you've paid attention to Schwag Brags past, then you know I've got a thing for Imaginext.  They cover a wide range of interests in a cute little collectible scale, and they're just plain fun!  

Well, now they've got Power Rangers.  Great.  Let me just....grab most of them.

Hey, this is my first time reviewing Imaginext figures outside of a Schwag Brag!  I suppose I should introduce them:

Imaginext is a Mattel joint, and was started with the intent of making a construction toyline.  The figures were even smaller than they are currently, and sets contained building parts that snapped together in any way you liked.  At some point, they dropped the "building" angle and just stuck with imaginative play....which I guess is just what action figures are, but the scale and amount of vehicles and playsets hearken back to the days of my childhood.  You don't find many toylines doing the whole vehicle-playset-multi-packs thing anymore.  There are some, of course, but back in the day, that was ALL action figures!  Imaginext keeps up that spirit, and I'd urge you to check them out whether or not you have kids.

Before I get into it, though, I'd like to address the elephant in the room:  I bought it for my wife, because she likes elephants, but we can't keep it due to space issues.  Anyone want to buy an elephant?  *RIMSHOT*

Anyway, these figures are based on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.  Yeah, the original US property that we all grew up with (even if you didn't watch it, you couldn't get around hearing about it).  This raises questions about intent.  Why make a young kid's toyline based around nostalgic value for adults?  Is this just for those crazy adults who want their kids to love what they loved while growing up?  Wouldn't this make more sense using the current Power Rangers?

This is just a theory, but I think these make sense for both kids and adults.  While it's true that there are some adults who just want kids to know the "real" entertainment they grew up with ("because everything was better back in MY day!"  Said our generation, said the generation before us, said the generation before them, and before them, and before them....) I think the nostalgia train we're on isn't just pulling us along - it's grabbing everyone.  The original Power Rangers are on Netflix, so it's possible kids DO know them well enough to want some toys.  I've already witnessed - in my own nephew - a desire to look into the past of any property (he's played a lot of video game classics, at this point).  That ability is easily at any child's fingertips, whether with streaming or on youtube (though, at the suggested age, they should probably have help or supervision).  

I'm not saying they shouldn't have done current Power Rangers - honestly, I think these should have been a part of a larger Power Ranger series - but I don't think that these are completely out of the blue or a confusing choice to make.  Add the information age we live in to the fact that I feel Imaginext sort of bridges the toy collecting world of adults and kids, and I think you see why they went with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

BLEH, who asked for an editorial??  Lets get to the toys!

I believe this is the whole set of the regular figures.  I was going to get the Zords, but I noticed that most of the figures with the Zords do NOT come with the weapons.  And I love those things!  Looks like (with the exception of the Red Ranger and the T-Rex) this is the only way to get the weapons.  

Plus there's a three pack of Putties!  COME ON MAN!  Why do they gotta do this to me?

Imaginext figures are simple: Arms that move forward and to the side, twist wrists and neck, and the legs push forward together (they're attached).  I feel like that's just enough to mess with, in terms of "hand candy", and they have that "minifigure" quality that lends to collectability.

The Rangers are based on their movie "armored" look, for some reason, in case the existence of this line wasn't confusing you enough.  Not that I'm complaining!  I love those designs.  They're missing a little color on the arms and legs, but it doesn't bother me.  Simplicity is the key, here!

Next, you'll notice that everyone but the Red Ranger has BIG 'OL WEAPONS!  The Yellow Ranger's "daggers" are now nearly as tall as her!  It's ridiculous, but I don't think anyone is gona collect these for super accuracy.  

The Blue Ranger's lance doesn't fit together, but you can sorta press them together while in his hands.  Good enough!  

The Black Rangers gets the biggest item - his classic gun/axe in GIANT SIZE!  Once again, it's ridiculous, but I love it - especially here.  I dunno why.  Something about that oversized axe in the hands of a breakdancer.  

This one is a little annoying, and you can probably see why.  There's some extra paint on his head!  

...ha, no, he's missing his armor.  And they MADE a mold with the armor, too!

On the back of the package, on the Megazord playset, you can see it comes with a Black and Red Ranger wearing the Green Ranger's armor.  They both wear it in the show (I'm pretty sure?) but the Green Ranger...well it's sort of his THING, ya know?  Why make a mold with the armor but not give it to the Green Ranger?  It's really weird, and makes this figures sorta incomplete.  
On the other hand...the Green Ranger was one of the few Ranger figures I had, back in the day, and I didn't have his armor.  So this is kind of nostalgic!  Go figure.

There's also this paint error where the flat side of the "dagger" is painted with gold markings of what is...molded on the other side.  I'm assuming it's just backwards.

The Pink Ranger comes with her bow, and by the clips on the side, you can see that the weapons have the ability to combine!  I thought that was a neat feature, even if it makes it hard for her to hold the bow.

They sort of have a hard time holding the combined weapon, so you have two Rangers hold the sides of it and just set everyone else around it.  It all clips together sturdily, though, and makes for a neat feature!

Next are the Putties!   I'm army building too many other things, so I only got the one pack, and will probably keep it at that.  Nice of them to do this, though!  

They don't come with any accessories, so that they can stay at the same price point as the two packs.  But hey, if you have anything else from Imaginext, then you've got all the accessories you need!

They can hold any weapon, and the heads are small, so they can literally wear ANY armor from any other Imaginext figure.  Improve your Putties!

With that in mind: ANYTHING works!  There are a lack of monsters, as usual (for a Power Rangers line, nowadays) but Imaginext is so full of variety that there is nothing that doesn't look right with the Rangers.

I'd say the sky's the limit, but you can go deep under the ocean and straight into space and everything works perfectly.  This is my number one favorite thing about Imaginext: So many different things can clash beautifully together!  The Rangers are now a part of that.

Now I did pick up two of the larger sets, as well.

These larger sets are 20 BUCKS!  Considering what Marvel Legends can go for, nowadays, this monster is quite a steal.  

The Rex comes complete with a Red Ranger and his sword, along with some launchers and four missiles.

I'm not one for details about the show (I honestly haven't watched it in years) but it feels like the Rex jumped RIGHT off the screen, save for the added launchers.

The launchers themselves are actually pretty neat - they're styled off of the gun-knives that the Rangers keep as side arms.  They pop off on large ball joints, in case you want to display the Rex in it's original form.

Most larger Imaginext sets have these panels where you can place a figure to activate features.  You just turn 'em while they're on there.

This guy just has a bite-bite feature, which also reveals some circles in the mouth that I'm gona say are LASERS.  

His articulation is pretty simple - just the shoulders and hips.  Considering the price, I wouldn't expect much more, and he doesn't need it.

And SQUAT and SQUAT and SQUAT!  It's mesmerizing.  

This is probably the only Zord I'm gona get, and I couldn't be happier.  I like the Megazord, but if it's just one Zord component that I liked and would have wanted by itself - it's the Rex.  This is a really nice rendition of it (so far as I can tell, not having seen the show in awhile) and I'm glad to have 'em on board.

Next one was unavoidable.

I've always liked Goldar.  He never did much, and he wasn't a threat, but he looks awesome and I had perceived him as a threat.  So, that was good enough.  This is a giant Goldar!  He sports the same articulation as the smaller figures, plus some action features, and he comes with Rita Repulsa, the space witch that sends the monsters to Earth and MAKES THEM GRROOOOW!

...and I don't remember her looking like that at all.  Any search can show you that she's wearing a brownish-red.  Sooo...I'm not sure why she's bluish-purple, here.  But whatever!  The staff is accurate, so that's good enough for me.

She's a neat little figure, even if the colors are kinda wonky.  

Goldar is just FANTASTIC.  Look at that face!  

That derfy face is still cracking me up.  I love it.  

Goldar comes complete with his sword, and his back sports a platform for Rita to stand and activate his features.

It sticks out quite a big, but EH.  Doesn't matter.  Turn Rita one way, and it flips out his wings!  Turn her the other way, and he slashes his right arm...kinda limply, but it gets the job done.  Personally, I've never been a big fan of "slashing" features on any figure.

I was so glad/sad to see these guy mix it up with Imaginext (sad because space is limited and DANGIT I love these things!).  The figures have turned out great, for the most part, and they're nicely priced.  I'd recommend 'em to Ranger fans and especially parents (or Ranger fan parents).  The boxes give an age range of 3-8, so I suppose it's a low chance that kids that young are looking up the original Power Rangers, but can you honestly say this is an overall bad idea, right now?  In the age of 80's and 90's nostalgia?  Something tells me that Mattel is very much aware of the adult fans of Imaginext, as well.  I think these are right on schedule, and any kid is gona have fun with these, regardless of knowledge about the source material.

At least buy a pack of Putties.  At least.


  1. LOL at Rita Repulsa spying on Tommy in the shower. That old lech!

    Seriously, these are great. I really want to at least get the four basic packs of figures. Too bad they don't come with Blade Blasters, though.

    1. Rita knew what she wanted when she chose the Green Ranger.

      ...yeesh, now I've creeped myself out.

      Yeah, I'm thinking the giant weapons were probably all the accessories they could shove in there. If you're at all interested in The Loyal Subjects' vinyl figures, they have little Blade Blasters that are RIGHT in scale. Though...that's not really a good way to get Blasters, considering the expense and the fact that those figures then go without the Blasters. Still: It's something I had meant to show, on here, but totally forgot!

  2. Go, Green Ranger go! It's not just Goldar that's gonna get you!


  3. Oh son of a, now I know these exist. :(

    1. That was pretty much the exact reaction the guy at TRU had, when I was checking out. The dude was a Ranger fan, obviously, and he picked these up to beep them and was like: "Oh no...I didn't know these existed." or something like that. I could hear his wallet crying out.

  4. Yeah, Imaginext in all it's recent forms is what I would consider a perfect toyline. I only have one set cause it was this badass throne with War table, globe and goodies that would work with my 1/18. Turns out the King was superb and pretty much this badass ultra durable figure.

    Man those Putties look good with all the random accessories.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about that set! I had planned to get it, but I never did. It was on clearance at Target, too. Ah well.

      Yeah EVERYTHING works on the Putties! It's great!

  5. i'm guessing Rita's purple because she was purple in the old movie.