Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Okay, So Here's the Thing...

My work has changed up my hours considerably for the next couple months (major construction going on).  I figured I would be able to keep on track, but here we are on my second Tuesday without an update!  So, either I am gona switch up when I take pics, or switch up when I post updates.  Not sure which, yet.  Nonetheless: Stick with me!  I'm still working on the next one.

I'm very sorry about the lack of butts, this time.


  1. It's okay. Most of us are probably too buried in Marauder Task Force figures to notice. :)

    1. I JUST got mine! A bit overwhelming, but I'm already getting a feel for how I want them to look. I am realizing, however, that I already want MORE. The parts I got left me with leftovers that I want to use. Plus, I'm suddenly now able to make a few ridiculous guys I've always wanted to make....but I need more parts. I'll probably mention that in an eventual review, though.

    2. It is a sign of my diseased mind that the first non-generic guy I tried was Capt Grid Iron.

      AND IT WORKED! Pics tomorrow.

  2. Falcon:




    The f'n CAPTAIN


    1. OH MAN, and here I haven't even been thinking of making existing characters! These parts work GREAT! I'll have to think about who I'd want to build, beyond my own guys.

      Awesome work!

    2. Heh, my goal from day one was to basically use these guys to make up for as many club figures as I could. I'm not the only one - I've seen stuff like the land gear Wet Suit they put out in a Con set a few years ago (http://i840.photobucket.com/albums/zz329/ozzie92/2013-04/614799CB-24F9-48BC-9B89-F6218CB1ECFF.jpg), Sargeant Major (just slap a red beret and head on a Resolute Destro, basically), easy guys like Shockwave (Shockblast?), and even Blizzard (who I tried, but I need to find a blue marker to tint the goggles properly because it looks weird to me right now).

      I might have to order another couple of hats, because I want to do both Rock n Roll v2 and Repeater but I only got one tan hat via Kickstarter.