Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Alright, so they're not at the Pontiac Silverdome.  I also don't think it's called the Pontiac Silverdome anymore.  ALSO's possible you have no idea what I'm talking about if you're not near Detroit.

This is Mutant Mania!  New comers to the scene of tiny collectibles and VERY much in the same vein as M.U.S.C.L.E.

I found these almost on the heels of doing my M.U.S.C.L.E. post, so they hit right when my interest was high!  Well done, new toys.  You couldn't have timed yourselves better.

My first plan was to get a pack for my buddy Zach, and I did, and he covered them!  I had to get a set for myself, of course, and upon opening them I fell in love.  With a meat-monster.  After that, I got myself the second larger pack you see above.

SO, lets crack 'em open and see what we got!

Each figure (that isn't displayed on the front of the package) comes in a little bag, separating the parts.  The head and legs are already attached, while the torso is separate with a white thingy in the back.  I'm not sure what the white thingy is for, but the directions tell you to toss it out.  It's a place holder...but I don't know why.  Perhaps to make sure the spine cavity doesn't collapse on itself?  I dunno.

Each figure has it's own "spine", in the form of a green or black stretchy rubber thing.  You plug it into a head and legs, then stretch it apart to fit in the torso.

I know what you're thinking: "What happens when the rubber band wears down?"  Well...that's the big question.

On one hand, I LOVE it!  Allowing these to break into parts is a standard for toys and never a bad idea.  The "spine" thing also makes it easy to swap and keeps the idea fresh and interesting.  I mean - they're monstrous beasts - so it works with the "gross" theme that you can stretch them apart.

On the other hand, when the rubber band rots, years later, these will just fall apart.  Granted, I don't know what kind of rubber they're using.  Perhaps it's different from the 80's stuff?

One way or another: It's nothing to worry about now, because the "spine" is strong and keeps each figure together without any problems.  I've stretched a some of them quite a few times now, and they haven't lost any elasticity.

So lets take a look at the four pack!

These guys gave me a M.U.S.C.L.E. vibe right off the bat, I tell ya.  I mean, look at this!

Same size!  Most of them even have their arms outstretched for no good reason, just like the classics!  You don't have to look close to see that these suckers were lovingly made in the spirit of M.U.S.C.L.E.  The company that makes them (Moose) is already familiar with little collectibles (like Trash Pack) so this is a line that is easy for them to slip into and hit home.  The biggest difference, from most of their products, is that these guys are more of a hard plastic, instead of rubbery.

My first pack was nice!  A robot is a strong start, but I chose him, since he was on the front.  I only wish his arms were pointed forward, for shootin'.  His name is Ammo Slammer, and I assume he slams the ammo.  HARD.  He's a member of the "Robo Mutants", as they've separated different mutants into different groups.  You can check that out at their website.

This Dr. Zoidberg lookalike is called Scopriax, because I guess he's a scorpion man.  I think this one benefits from the clear body pretty well!  Every figure has a clear variant - which, by the way, gets an instant gold star from me - but for some reason, the "Reptiles of Rage" each get a glowing variant.  No idea why THEY get to glow and the others don't, but who the heck is complaining here?!  Translucent and glowing variants?  Yes!  Yes please, I'll take seconds.

This Booster-looking guy is Strombar...and I don't know where the name comes from.  He's a stromb one, probably!  No one is stromber.  He's a mish-mash of viking and...arms.  His two top arms are normal, but the bottom ones are a mix of ropes and a tentacle holding a fish.  A mutant in every sense of the word!

And here we have the winner of the four pack: Gutless!  Of which he is not, because he is nothing BUT guts.  You can see how, by the colored version owned by Zach.  Not sure which one is more terrifying!

Personally, I think the clear version is just PERFECT for this mold!  Painting just the eyes on these clear ones really brings it home, too.

That was it for the four pack, so lets move on to the eight pack.  That one fires on all six cylinders!

The eight packs show you two of what you're getting, AND you get a little can of "Mutantade" in which to store your figures.

All eight fit in there, though that might not work for every pack, as some figures are bulkier than others.

The top also has little pegs on the top as a way for you to display a couple figures.

The inside of the lid has the same you can put 'em on both sides.  If that floats your barge.

Okay, what do we have in this pack?

Ah-ha, this is really M.U.S.C.L.E., right here!  Multiple faces all over the body.  Classic!  Also one of my favorites things from some of the old guys.  This guy is called Dumb Skulls, because LOL.  Who wants to give him a hug?  Anyone?  I do. Come'er, you.

HA!  Haha!  Lookit 'em!  This was one of the guys up front, on the pack.  I picked him because of the bow tie and the hat.  Turns out, he's a butcher!  His name is Bad Butcher, so I assume he's either bad at his job, or he's BAAAAD, you know.  Like a bad mofo.  I'm gona go with BAAAD, because of the way he's brandishing that sausage.  Sausage whip.  WHIP IT WITH MEAT!

Another great one!  This is Maggot Face.  Don't let the name fool you - he's ALL MAGGOTS.  Once again, you can't easily tell without the color, and ALSO once again, I think he works great in translucent orange.

And yeah, he's holding a fly swatter.  Sooo...I guess it's kids vs adults?  ZING!

YEAH!  Another clear one, AND it's a friggin' shark man named JAW-SOME.  The thing in his hand is actually supposed to be a giant fish hook, but it comes off looking like a crowbar.  This is not a bad thing.  Also, if you can't tell, he's sporting a peg-leg.  It's just JAWSOME.  He's screaming and pointing at the sky while shaking a crowbar!  All things in the general direction of "up" better look the fug out for JAWSOME, because he's got a crowbar with nobody's name on it - crowbars don't need names to deliver BEATINGS.

Here's your prerequisite humanoid triceratops, to really drive home the 80's nostalgia.  His name is Tricera-Chops, because DEM TEETH.  Honestly, though, I think they should have called him Tricerabs or Broceratops.  He looks like he should be flexing on the beach and asking passing bros if they even lift.

The other front-runner in this pack is Loco-Motive, the train man.  The name is kinda lacking, but I love the look!  I had no idea what the heck he was, until I looked up the name, but I don't need to know WHAT a robot is.  Just the fact that it looks like a robot is enough for me.  Thankfully, to make up for the name; his arm is up in the "CHOO-CHOOOO" motion.  It's all good.

Alright, I got the clear version of Ammo Slammer!  Now I can slam double the ammo!  This pack really touched all angles, with great figures and even a good variant of a guy I already liked.  Gets those collecting fires burnin'!

Wha'd I tell ya?  This pack has everything!  Even a glowing guy!  This is the glowing Death Breath, which doesn't seem like much of a name for what he is.  I would have expected an open mouth, with that name.'s probably because he's a dragon-looking thing.  He's only got one wing, but I think he's supposed to have two?

There's a nub there for where the other wing would be.  He's a mutant, though, so who's to say?  Even if he's supposed to have another wing, I think it works.

Only problem is that he is a dim glower.  I pumped him full of light, but the guy just wouldn't light up very bright!  Not that I don't appreciate a glowing guy.

That's it!  Perhaps this would have hit me a little differently if I had gotten other figures.  This REALLY hit home, though.  The four pack was good, and the eight pack was perfect!  They're nostalgic, but timeless.  Any kid from the 80's to now would and will love these little monsters.  And as I've stated: You can mix and match them!

If you get extras, you can trade them or swap them around and make new freaks.

These guys are showing up en-mass at Toys R Us stores all over the place, so give 'em a look, if you're into the little guys like this.  It's like M.U.S.C.L.E. with a bit of swapping thrown in, and, as a side-effect, a little bit of articulation!  You can't go wrong.


  1. They're just as glorious as I expected they would be, from that fateful Sunday morning I saw their commercial during cartoons.

    1. That's the glory of collecting toys! Sometimes you get hit by those unexpected figures that just bring you RIGHT back to childhood.

  2. Yeah, I love these guys. And the thing that really gets me about this line is that it's not the figures I'd expect to like that I love the most! Like, wolves aren't really my thing. They're fine, but it's not like I always get excited about the wolf guy. But Rip Snorter (the wolf guy in this line) is awesome! He's all yellow and red and great. Plus, you can't go wrong with the swapability. It makes getting extras sting that much less. My problem right now is that most of my extras are translucent red, so even mixing them up doesn't really change that much. I needs options! I should go shopping...

    1. Yeah, and I'm not usually leaning toward the monster types, but they're usually the more interesting figures, in this line! Not that I don't like the robots, of course (with the train themed guy looking more like an 80's rapper, which is great). It's just they put so much DETAIL into the really nasty ones, ya know? It's hard not to appreciate it!

  3. Found Spin Masters new brick line "Sick Bricks" at Target this week. You should check them out. They have a strong M.U.S.C.L.E. vibe, too. No translucent parts as of yet but I think you'll dig them. Great blog by the way. Always an enjoyable read.

    1. I saw them recently, but didn't take that close of a look. I'll take a look, next time, and more than just scan them.