Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tamashii Effect BURNING FLAME - Suddenly, Pictures!

W-where did all these pictures come from?!  All I did was sit down to open my new Tamashii Effect Burning Flame parts and - hours later - there's a ton of pictures!

The moment I opened these packages, I was in love.  Each set is just fire - one blue, one red.  You can snag 'em for about twenty bucks, which seems like a bit much at first.  Then you get them in your hands.

You get four little flames with C grips on them so you can wrap them around wrists, ankles, or whatever you can get them on.  The flames snap apart so you don't have to worry about them breaking when you're shoving them on wrists that seem to big to accommodate them.  This also means that you could snap each little flame in half and experiment, but I spent SO much time arranging them as they came that I didn't investigate.

These are meant for smaller S.H. Figuarts toys like Kamen Rider or Power Rangers (or anything else in that wide toyline) but....well, it's fire!  They'll snap to almost anything and fire is pretty universal.

Sooo....I went kinda nuts with the He-Man guys.  I put these pictures in order of when they were taken, so you can see the process.

It was only meant to be a few pics, but I kept grabbing more and more figures.  Eventually I figured out how to hide some tiny lights behind the flames to get a cool glowing effect (though it could be better.

HO BOY do these things look nice.  You barely have to work them!  The blue ones also double as ice or water, which is cool (though I mostly used them for magical flames, here).

Naturally - looking at that color of blue - I jumped to the idea that they might look good under a blacklight.

And they do!  Might do well for another way to make it look like water, but I didn't test that in this photo shoot.

After making Scare Glow even more perfect, I jumped right to the next guy that could only be improved with MORE FIRE:

AWWW YISS.  Look at that majesty!  I think Beavis put it best when he said: "FIRE!  HEHE, YEAH."

At this point I thought: "Hey, I should try something other than MotUC figures!"

I don't think Piccolo ever had blue energy for his powerup, but EH.  Works for me!

And here's Vegeta in the middle of burning Arlia!

And here I am wishing I had more Avatar figures!  The only Zuko I ended up buying was him as The Blue Spirit:

Technically he wouldn't be firebending as the Blue Spirit but I'm not gona nerd out on you with Avatar stuff.

'Cause I could.  Don't you test me.

Anyway I had another idea and BAM - back to MotUC!  This time, it's Evil-Lyn and her smart idea to summon the Snake Men.

Good idea, Evil-Lyn!  I'm sure nothing bad could come of this.  I mean, who's afraid of Snake Men, anyway?  They're probably just out to eat mice and voles.

OKAY OKAY, back to things that aren't MotUC related!

And that...was when I finally decided to stop.  I had to force myself to stop, honestly.  There's just SO many figures that work well with these flames, and there's still more ways to adjust and display these flames that I want to try!  They possibilities are endless.  You can snap the flames anywhere, snap them apart, two of the big flames have BALL JOINTED flames attached (that you can swap) and....and...FIRE!  YEAH!

Seriously though: Ball jointed fire.  It's crazy, man.  Buy them.  Buy them both.  Buy more than one.  In other words: BURN ALL YOUR TOYS.



  2. One thing that's better than action figures, action figure accessories.

    Everyone should pick up a set of these and the ground impact sets.

    1. I think they're coming out with explosions as well! EXPLOSIONS! The only thing I need now is various "swipe" kinda items that you can slide on to various kinds of sword blades, but that might not be as versatile.




  4. Who is the brunette Shadow Weaver is throwing fire at?

    1. That is Castaspella. From the old Princess of Power line and updated for Masters of the Universe Classics. She ended up pretty cool!

  5. These are great! I love the versatility of them. I hope they do more colours down the road, like green or purple flames.