Tuesday, September 16, 2014

His Coconut Gun Can Fire in Spurts: DONKEY. KONG.

Yeah, he doesn't have a coconut gun.  That title might throw you off if you've never heard the DK Rap.  You also might be thrown off if you have heard the DK Rap.  You also ALSO might be thrown off by THAT FACE.

Here we go, yet another figure in the World of Nintendo toyline by Jakks Pacific!  This guy is the second in the larger series (the other being Bowser).

Much like Bowser, this guy is surprisingly articulated!

There's a chest joint in there, though it doesn't do a ton (it's still appreciated).  Of course, his tie could have used a hinge so it could drape down....and his neck could have used the same.  When he stands like this, he'll always be looking up!

Not that you don't have a lot of other options.

You can get a lot of great gorilla poses out of this guy, though he sometimes has trouble staying up in some more actionful poses.  One way or another, you can probably find a pose that'll make you happy, when it comes to DK.  Assuming you're a DK fan.

Anyw----what?  The face?  What about the face?  I mentioned it in the opening.  Lets move on.

A-anyway, as you can see, he works GREAT with the Figuarts Mario!  Just the right size for a good beating, and - if I had any barrels around - I would be able to reenact some classic DK arcade madness.  No barrels for me, though.  Not a single dang one.  I tore my room apart, too.

Naturally, if he works well with Mario, he also works well against Bowser!

He's a great figure, and just like Bowser: he's pretty cheap for the size!  If you're trying to build a Nintendo character collection, you can't go wrong with this DK filling your Kong spot.  Lots of articulation; he ain't perfect, but----

----is he gone?  I think he's gone.  He's been behind me this whole time SOMEONE HELP.  I took a million pictures and I was finally able to get these ones out without anything weird happening.  You wana see the first picture I took?

THE EYES AREN'T SUPPOSED TO MOVE!  It's not even October yet and we're getting Halloween crap up in this.  The next picture was an action shot and it just came out like this:

You people gotta help me, I see this thing in my sleep!  Every night I see his teeth and eyes somewhere in the dark corners of the room.  Under the dresser.  Always just out of sight when I try to look directly at him.  I'll take bleeding eyes from creepy Skeletor over this!  Don't buy this figure; not if you want to continue sleeping SHIT HE'S BACK



  1. I'm not even really a DK fan, but you can't go wrong with that face. It's like, COMMANDING me to spend my money on him!

    Nice work on the facial expressions too. You're taking "cut and paste" and turning it up to 11!

    1. He's certainly COMMANDING you to do something! I don't wana know what it is, honestly.

      And yeah, I guess I'm taking cut 'n paste to new levels of lazy! All sorts of mess around Mario's mouth that I shoulda cleaned up....

  2. Jakks is doing good with this Nintendo line.

    Man DK here looks amazing, I'm with Zach, he's COMMANDING people to buy him with that face.

    Must. Buy.

    1. Agreed! I really REALLY hope Jakks can keep this up! Seems like it's selling pretty well, so far. I want to see more characters, and some variants here and there (Link in his other tunic colors, Fire Mario, different colored Yoshis, etc).