Thursday, January 9, 2014

*Shuffles through Photobucket* Uhhh...Micro Machines? you know how I was bitching about the snow in the last post?  WELL IT SLAPPED MY FACE.  It slapped it hard, like an angry lover.  Last Monday was officially Arctic Hell, and I was also super sick that day, with wonderful jets of unmentionable foulness streaming from both ends.  Needless to say: the 2002 Grayskull pics are gona take even longer,'s some crap I don't have to do any work for. 

I don't remember why I took these pics or where they were originally posted.  They're in the photobucket though, so I'm sure I did something!  Something magical, I bet.  Like a...swan...dive.  Into a pool of orange Shasta.  I dunno.

You ever have that bloated feeling in your stomach for so long that, later on, you know it's gona be farts like...all the time?  All farts.  That's me right now.  Good god.

Anyway, what else?

Wow, what were they thinking back then?  Chrome neon truck.  That better be some badass oil in there.  I think I got that American RV in a Dairy Queen.  Also: Monster Trucks!  The gold one was my favorite as a kid, but I think I like the red flame monster van more nowadays.

Uuuhhh...stomach...stop it.  Stop it man.  Come on.  I just want to want food again.

Whoa, speaking of food!  Whassat, a car eating a tiny car?  Or is that its baby?  Or both?  Anyway, I loved these things.  Micro-Micro Machines, I guess.  This is the kinda stuff I miss in a world that no longer sells Micro Machines.  This wacky crap right here.  There are plenty of tiny car toylines out there now, but none of 'em are doing....this.  Whatever this majesty is.

And since we're on the subject of things that open: that giant white and blue plane opened up and you could put cars inside.  I think it's from McDonalds?  Anyone know?

Oh, and planes!  I like the planes, but somehow I didn't have many.  You'd think I would have had more.    I'm pretty sure I had more military stuff, but that junk gets outside more than the others, and outside + tiny toys = ???

AAWWW YEEESSS.  STEERR TREEEK.  Star.  Star Trek.  Next Generation was a big thing when I was kid, so I tried to get a hold of a lot of these.  Many of them are from a big 'ol set I got for my birthday one year.

Those were some of my favorites.  They weren't always in scale with each other, but that didn't stop my friends and I from staging big 'ol battles.  These things are still big on my favorites list.  The Star Trek ones.  Good stuff!'s some Z-Bots, I guess.  I'm assuming I took this pic to just show some of my favorites, 'cause I got way more than this.  The blue one who looks scuffed to hell was my Lucky Z-Bot - I carried him around in my pocket all the time back in elementary school and told myself that he warded off homework.  And he did!  Every time I didn't have homework, he worked.

Well done, you magnificent bastard.

But seriously, I'll have to do a separate post on these guys sometime 'cause they ROCK. 

Alright, that's it!  I uh...I liked Micro Machines, and I won't lie: I'd still be buying these if they were still around.  The unique stuff, anyway.  And especially Z-Bots! 

I'ma get back to work on those 2002 Grayskull pics now.  Maybe take some more pepto.  Among other drugs.  Take it easy, yo.


  1. Aw man, hope you get better soon. Way to start the New Year with disease.

    Galoob was a wonderful company. Micro Machines were rad, My favourite being this red Porsche 911 and these muscle cars with hood engines. That and the lil'aircaft.

    I only had one set of Z-bots, some terrible R2-D2 imposter, Elephant 209 (Ed-209 with a really long snout) and knock-off Robertcop guy with gun hands.

    The Star Trek and Star Wars Micromachines, I'd argue they were the best things that weren't Actionfleet that Galoob ever did. Hard to say which is better, all depends on the mood you were in as a kid, one minute the bed is a Star Destroyer (pillow is the bridge) flying your rebels Star fighters over it avoiding the TiEs. The next you're boldly going into the Romulan Neutral Zone after yet another Science vessel was attacked by those Cloaking jerks.

    1. Thanks, I'm on my way already! Almost 100%. One way or another, it's just mild fatigue compared to Monday's delirious moaning.

      And yeah, I don't think I fully appreciated Micro Machines until now. They really pulled out the stopped and did EVERYTHING. I mean, it's nothing that any toyline wouldn't do when it goes on long enough. They always branch out eventually. Still, they did some pretty creative stuff when you consider it started with "cars", which were never that exciting of a subject for me (so much so that we had to make the cars "talk" and were beings in themselves).

      For the life of me, I have no idea why I never got any of the Star Wars ships. Would have loved those too. Still, I'm glad I got the Star Trek ones! When Into Darkness came out my friends and I got into a Star Trek binge and watched all the original movies and I got into a "thing", looking for whatever toylines were doing the ships nowadays. There weren't many! Hot Wheels did some, but none of them were in stores (that I could find) and they were big. I miss the small stuff! No one wants to do small collectables anymore. It's always gotta be BIG and EXPENSIVE. I love having the little tiny collection of Star Trek ships, honestly.

    2. TNG was huge in the 90s, Toys everywhere in all shapes and sizes. But the Micro Machines did it for me, good things come in threes. Instant battle/story/adventure in every set.

      One of my Secondary school (equivalent to High-school in the USA) teachers had an office with the windows lined up with all the Trek Micro Machines they had released at the time.

  2. Well... That was... Informative. Lots of interesting facts there, and some of them were about toys!

    Seriously though, who doesn't love the Star Trek stuff? No one I want to know. I think all of my stuff was Action Fleet or whatever the slightly larger stuff was. I still have my Borg Cube and Romulan Warbird. Both awesome looking ships. I like to fight the Cube with my Action Fleet Death Star. Everyone knows that cubes and spheres don't get along.

    I'd probably be buying more of these if they were around today too, especially the themed sets based on TMNT, Biker Mice, etc. I miss those sets that where one thing that opened up into a playset. I used to get those and take the figures and vehicles and use them all over the house instead of with the playsets, but I know I'd appreciate the playsets more now.

    Anyway, glad you're on the up and up!

    1. Yeah, I was thinkin' every other post should be about my bowel movements, whadoyathink?

      ...I should look up the size comparison of Borg Cubes to the Death Star. Now I'm interested.

      Anyway, in terms of things opening: I loved those! That shit was all the rage back then. They also had these larger Star Wars ships that had opening cockpits and little figures you could stick inside...I think that was Micro Machines? I'll have to look them up, but they rocked! I always wanted some.

    2. The ships you're talking about were Action Fleet, also made by Galoob, which funny enough both of the guys above mentioned in their comments. It was a really fun line, there were ships and beasties to ride and they also sold little packs of just the figures. I remember the really early ToyFare magazines had some comics with the Action Fleet Jawas and I was always trying to make my own.

  3. I think Micro Machines were part of the childhoods of pretty much any kid who had a portion of his or her childhood in the 90s. I didn't ever have any of the regular cars, but I had a pretty good set of the Star Wars ships and several of the mini-playsets they made.

    Particularly memorable was an R2-D2 that transformed into a Jabba's palace set. It was multi-level, with the throne room at the top, and I think you could push Jabba forward to drop someone through the trap door and into the rancor pit (it also came with a rancor). I also had the regular Jabba's palace set, which came with a hilariously tiny and out-of-scale palace that could be removed to reveal a little space with Jabba, Han in carbonite, and probably enough floor for a half dozen of the figures.

    Outside of the palace was the sarlacc pit, and that was pretty cool. It came with a skiff that could be positioned over the pit, and you could fit a couple figures on it and bump them off into the sarlacc. A button on the side of the set would move the sarlacc's jaws around. This was pre-special edition, so no tentacles or parrot-mouth.

    I could go on, so I will. There was also a C-3P0 head that opened up into a Mos Eisley cantina scene. It had a tiny booth where you could sit Han and Greedo, and when you pressed a button, Greedo's chair would flip back, sending him hilariously flying out of the building. I think one side of 3P0's head was the docking bay for the Falcon so you could stage the escape sequence.

    Then there was a Hoth set with an exploding generator and an Endor set where you could roll logs down a hill and knock of AT-STs...
    It was a fun time.

    1. Yeah seriously; the "tiny worlds" idea of the 90's will never get old with me. Loved it all, from this to Mighty Max and things like it. I wish they'd bring it back again. Such an easy way to build the "world" of a series rather than just the characters. All those sets just sounds friggin' awesome (though Greedo's ejection seat sounds the best).

      If I had any of that stuff I'd be doin' some sorta post about it by now.

  4. Hey yo. 'Fox checking in. I LOVED Micro Machines, I miss the playsets for sure, they'd be perfect for both Gundam and Godzilla toys to accompany. I miss them more since having grown up (well, if you can call it that) and having become a car guy. I was actually like furiously collecting the Tomica Capsule gashapon mini-cars for a long time, too. They were like Micro Machines, from Japan, that you got out of a vending machine like you were in Shenmue or something. They had their own little boxes with the make/model/year printed on them.

    If anyone has the Aliens or Predator Action Fleet sets, those things are worth a ton of money now. I mostly had regular city/vehicle Micro Machines and playsets, a lot of military ones too, and a bit of Star Wars Action Fleet. I loved them all. I don't understand why this kinda stuff can't come back (especially with the cost of plastic and all nowadays). Last year there was a set of Marvel themed mini-cars from the same company that makes Heroics/Zerboz, I'd love it if they started making playsets and all for the figures, too.


    More on the way!

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing! Looks like we both love that blue one; he's right out front! I've contemplated getting another with less paint wear...but the fact that my original spent so much time in my pocket is nostalgic, I guess. If I ever get any more I'll probably get those other colors in the pics you've got there.