Thursday, January 2, 2014


I'm workin' on the 2002 Grayskull pics as we speak!  We got a little dumped on last night though, so I gotta show this powder who's boss.  IT'S ME.  That's who.  I don't give a shit about you, snow.  You think I do?  I'LL SHOW YOU.  I'll stick some toys in you and show you how much I don't care! 

Yeah screw that noise, I'm not goin' out there!  S'cold!  Like, crazy cold.  This is right outside my back door; I was kneeling on the floor and pretty much stretching out to the snow hill RIGHT OUTSIDE (oh, and this comic is sort of a nod to this old-ass comic from 2008 that ya'll didn't see).  Guess who just shoveled yesterday?  This guy.  And I gotta do it again! 

But I don't care!  You now how much I don't care?  YOU'RE A PLAYSET TO ME, SNOW!!

Man I don't have a lot of snow figures!  Mostly G.I. Joes.  Oh wait I got...wait lemme see here...

Yeah I have Frosta as well, but I was getting cold by that point.  Also, who the heck would be good for cold weather in the good guys court?  Snout Spout works!  He's at least covered, and heck, this guy is a rescue worker!  I bet this guy is carrying heated water in an insulated pack 'cause he's there to put out fires and there to save people from freezing to death!  Snout Spout got you covered, yo.  I feel sorry for Icer, that guy is screwed.

So what do you think of that, snow?  Ya got toys all up in you!  I'm the king of you!  I used to play in you all the time, you can't do SH----

*sigh* I have to move a large section of you, don't I?  To get my car out.  Yeah, I didn't have one of those back when I used to play in you.  I also didn't have to worry about what the roads looked like.  But hey, at least driving is a lot of sledding right now! 

Alright snow, lets go.  COME ON!  I'LL MOVE ALL YA'LL OUT THE WAY!  HHRRRAAAAHH!!!


  1. I wish we had snow. We've had a couple years here in my part of NC with no snow. It's very depressing, especially because it means I haven't been able to take snow pictures of toys.

    1. I'LL TRADE YOU WEATHER. I'll take no snow ever. That would be spectacular. The older I get the more annoying it is.

      But yeah, I hear you. I'm sure on some level I'd miss it, but most of the ways I would miss it are ways I just don't use anymore. I loved sledding, but I don't do that anymore, and I can't take many pics 'cause I friggin' hate how cold it is (or some of my more elaborate plans for this post would have happened). All it is nowadays is piles I have to move and slippery roads I have to drive.

  2. WE HAVE SNOW. Real snow. Canadian snow. Well, actually it's not much different than yours. I should take some snow pics too. I do have that big white Godzilla...

    Anyway, it looks like you're making some headway on that sidewalk. You keep up the good work!


      Ugh. But yeah, I now you guys got it worse up there! This is honestly the worst it's been in awhile. It's times like these where I realize I'm not really prepared to actually be out in the cold for long periods.

  3. From the Arkansas perspective, barely an inch of snow here is way scarier than a foot or more in the northern states. Why? Because not much gets plowed down here and nobody knows how to drive in inclement conditions. Fortunately that typically only applies for about one week of the year.
    But I'm from Maine originally and I admit I kinda miss the cold up there. I prefer it to our sticky summers down here.

    Anyway I took some toy pics in the snow a few years back, but I think they were posted to my now-dead Posterous before I moved to Tumblr. Pretty sure I used the same Joes you did, though.

    1. Ha, that's funny 'cause even though we get more snow, people STILL don't know how to drive in it. They just reset every time the snow melts, I guess!

      I hear you on the hot summers, though. I know we don't get it as bad, but it still gets hot and I'd love it if living up here meant more...moderation, ya know? Instead of HOT and then COLD with a teeny tiny stint of fall in between. Fall is the only weather where I am truly happy.

      And yeah...I never had many cold weather figures, so the new joes are pretty much it now. Save for a few of the MotUC guys. Like, two. And now Snout Spout.

  4. In Winter here it just rains and is very muddy and wetness everywhere. And that's during the middle of the year.

    While Christmas and to the new year... Barbecue weather and very hot days to the point of awfulness.