Tuesday, February 6, 2018

BEASTBOX: A Box that is also a Beast

What is it with me and things that transform into boring stuff?  Like spheres, or....well, boxes!  There's just something about a good old fashioned shape-former, and in recent years: They don't get much better than this!

I found out about these on instagram, originally.  I saw a picture and knew I had to hunt them down.  The series is called Beastbox, by 52Toys, and they started out with this simple box that turns into...

A little robo t-rex!  They're quick 'n easy to transform, so you get a kick out of making it a box and a dino and back again.

They're also freakin' adorable.  They're only about 3.5 inches tall in dino form, so the adorable factor increases with the diminutive size. They have ball jointed necks, opening mouths, ball hips (that are spring loaded, so you can move them out a bit during the transformation), knees, and even some rocker-ankle joints in the feet!

I had only bought two, at the time (though I plan to get more).  The yellow one sports some great industrial designs; looking like some sort of worker-bot.  I'm not sure what kinda work there is for a mini dino-robo, but I know that I want it working for me immediately.

As a starter, I highly suggest the yellow one.  There's something about it that works with the idea as a whole - this seems like a prototype, or at least "The First One", you know?

As you'd expect from me: The second one I got was a translucent blue one with Tron-like lines all over him.  It's a great look!

He moves the same as the yellow one, and is ready to run through the Internet World of your choice, destroying viruses.

If I had any complaints, it's that the ball joints for the heads are a little loose, and that the teeny-tiny arms in front feel like they could fall off, if you're not paying attention (the little hand-claw is simply attached via friction, pressed into a hole, so keep track of that).

Still, even with a little looseness and some tiny parts, I wouldn't hesitate to get one of these for a kid around the 8-10 area.  Any kid would have a blast with these, but a younger kid could almost certainly pull some parts off.

Overall, I HIGHLY enjoy these guys.  They're also crazy cheap!  You can find them easily on Amazon with various styles and designs.  The next one I plan to get is the Police version, because COME ON.  You know you wana see this adorable little bastard chase down some crooks.

Since I bought these, 52Toys has also released more animals, like a Gorilla and an Elephant.  If you want to keep updated on future designs, you can follow the creator's instagram.

Now go get some!  At least one!  Once you get one in your hands, you'll be hooked.


  1. Dang, I want that elephant! And the yellow Dino. These are really cool, and I think they'd work well with so many other toy lines-- Transformers, Imaginext, Marvel Universe, and various video game toys. I love toy lines that are just kind of their own thing, so you can use them for whatever you want without the evil TV feeding you ideas.

    Also... how crazy cheap? I'm seeing about $20 per toy? If so, that's still not bad.

    1. Oh, whoops! They were a little cheaper when I made the post. I think the original prices were direct from 52Toys. Now they seem to be from other sellers. Still on the cheaper side, though!

      Anyway, YEAH! They work so well with pretty much anything; from small to big toys.