Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Alexx Shorts: RoC Arashikage Cycle with Storm Shadow (1/26/10)

Well, this is it: I've finally decided to start reposting my old "Alexx Shorts" G.I. Joe reviews.  They're the reviews that lead to what eventually became this blog!  I'll be posting them in straight copy-and-paste format, separating them with bold dotted lines so you know where they begin and end, and then I'll post some final thoughts on what I think of the figure currently.

For those unfamiliar: I used to take random pictures here and there, but by the time the Rise of Cobra toys came out, I was getting annoying with how much people had been bashing the figures which were clearly better than the previous 25th Anniversary offerings.  I set out to show people how awesome they were, and things went from there, forming into "Alexx Shorts", named so because I thought I was going to keep to a short format with a few pictures.  I did not do that.

You know, Storm Shadow, medical staff wear red and white so you can see them immediately. It's a very easy to see combo.  Just sayin'.


I swear this'll be the last Storm Shadow for awhile! I wasn't gona review him originally, since I did all the others, but this one is my favorite of the bunch and someone suggested that I go ahead with it anyway. So, disclaimer: This is another Storm Shadow! If you're happy with your RoC Storm Shadow choice, then by all means, ignore this review. Regardless, this is the best of the RoC Storm Shadows, and I really think you should give it a look.

So, this is the Storm Shadow from the Target exclusives. I was gona skip this until I saw how jazzy the red looks on him, because honestly, the cycle sucked back when it was released in VvV and it's worse now because they didn't change the foot peg size to work for RoC! So you gotta have him hold the handlebars, which he doesn't do well with both hands, and kinda....stick his feet back there. So, it goes without saying that this will mostly be another round of Alexx-likes-to-take-ninja-action-pics. 

Meet Storm Shadow! He's a ninja. He doesn't like Snake Eyes! Why? Because he wears mostly white and Snake Eyes wears mostly black! It's a war that has been going on ever since they met. Why can't you two agree on clothing choices, huh? 

Anyway, as you can see, he's completely the V1 RoC Storm Shadow with the coat part replaced by a Range Viper belt. So, you get all the awesome of the original without the restricted leg movement! Also, his skin is much darker this time around, so I have to imagine that he went out and got a tan. Seems closer to his skin in the movie, so far that I know.

Storm Shadow comes with his standard swords and a claw. That's it! That's all you need, really. Look!

See? That's all you need for some good 'ol ninja battles. There's more, though! That wasn't enough for the Arashikage Ninja clan, no sir! They've got a facotry somewhere pumping out Arashikage Cycles! Storm Shadow, being a fallen member, obviously had to steal this one, but it's for the good of ninjas everywhere, since they need to keep battling to continue living. It's like a vampire, only they need crazy over-the-top fights to survive.

There she is! As you can see, he looks a little awkward on it. Then again, I think anyone looks awkward on it; even the VvV figures. It's just too wide! That's because the hole in the front is where a missile goes. Sadly, it's launched by pressing down on the back wheel, and the missile is angled upward so....it's gone. The missile from my VvV one is ALSO gone. It doesn't take long to lose that thing. It's also pretty useless to shoot a missile upward in a cycle chase, so I'm not really cryin' over the loss. As with most things, though, if you take pics at the right angles, you can make it look much better!

Oh, those two just can't keep away from each other! Must be all those fights that's keeping them alive and well after all these years. 

Anyway, there's the pics and here's my story: This is the best Storm Shadow in RoC. There's no hiccups in the movement because the skirt is gone, the coat is closed so you get the look and action of the movie one without the alternate open coat from the unmasked version, the red looks fantastic, and his skin color seems to match better with the movie (though it does make him look like a totally different dude from the rest of the light skinned Storm Shadows). Out of the whole line so far, i'd make this your Storm Shadow. (Forget what I said about the Arctic camo one). 


Yep, still the best.  When I need a representation of RoC Storm Shadow; I grab this one.  I realize red on Storm Shadow is more of a variant thing, rather than a traditional thing, but DAMN it look good!  This figure in particular hits a lot of great points with design, but then also has red in just the right places (the stripes on the sides of the legs being the best part).  He's the perfect modern ninja in awesome motorcycle gear.

...and the cycle is still trash.  I mentioned in the review that I didn't like the Valor vs Venom one either, and I still stand by that, but not changing the footpegs is WAY worse.  What's the point?  They brought out a bunch of older vehicles and reworked the back pegs, but they keep the big footpegs on this cycle? 

Ah well - tons of better cycles out there.  If you were getting a representation of Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow and didn't want the basic white version: I'd get this!  Unless this is also (somehow) ridiculously priced on ebay.  I wouldn't expect it to be, but I've been wrong before...


  1. Had to work Ninja Overtime at the Ninja Factory through the weekend and it would be fine because the extra ninja pay is great, but Ninja Steve keeps using the vanishing technique to move between catwalks and that is just a flagrant disregard of NinjOSHA regulations, and I know he's just doing it to show off.

    1. Man just tell the Ninja Foreman about it. I know Ninja Steve has been told at least twice, and three Ninja Strikes are all you get, so Ninja Steve is gona be out on his ninja ass if he doesn't shape up and us the vanishing technique strictly within the guidelines.

  2. Slap a Retaliation Storm Shadow head and it's newer wrist jointed hands in red and this Storm Shadow would still be excellent (you know the one from the Invasion 3-Pack).

    1. I'm actually pretty happy how he is! It hits a lot of high points for me, and I don't really need 'em to have jointed wrists. Head is a tad small, but I dunno: I still like 'em.