Monday, October 31, 2016

Octobersbest: This Post Has Always Been Here

What?  This post was here the whole time!  How'd you miss it?

Hopefully you remember the Pose Skeleton post, and if you do, then I hope you now have some Pose Skeletons.  If you don't: Here's some more reasons to get some (or accessories for your G.I. Joes, whichever).

Our first item is a business set: For business.

This set has everything you need for serious business: A rolling chair (sans rolling ability), a cellular phone (with a touch screen, because he's not an animal), a laptop (on top of his lap), and a tie (because it cuts off circulation to the brain and makes it easier to not think about how the job is crushing his soul). 

This is one of those sets where I'm like: "Why didn't this exist a long time ago?!"  I could have used these in so many Joe reviews!  Rest assured, these will find use with anything in this scale (or out of it, depending on the joke).  Just pick this up for the hell of it; Pose Skeleton or no.

Welp...kinda have to repeat myself here, don't I? 

There's a toilet (both seats open up), a plunger, a spray bottle, a "cloth" (it's plastic) and the little section of tiled floor.

I mean, same thing, right?  Where was this?  I had to buy a bronze toilet/pencil sharpener to get a toilet joke!  I dunno where this will show up next, BUT IT WILL.  I love it.

It's a grand piano.  For your toys.  If there had been a "yes" or "no" button instead of "buy" I would have clicked "yes" a bunch and then - well, I don't even know.  Why do I need a grand piano for my toys?

On the other hand: Do questions like that need an answer?  Can't I just want a grand piano for my toys?

Yes, yes I can. 

That's about it.  Just three new sets.  I'll probably do this every time I get more.  I'm not sure what else there is to say beyond the fact that these are brilliant and should have existed a long time ago.  They do now, though, and they're inexpensive!  I guess they're not super useful for you serious scene setters, but for you goofy bastards like me: This is what you're looking for!

You can find this stuff pretty easily on Amazon or import sites for surprisingly little, when compared to most fancy Japanese toys.  I'll leave you with random photos that have always been here for you.


  1. This comment has always been here.

    I love these guys.

  2. After showing my brother the last review he actually ordered two skeletons and the piano! Its so good! Totally agree that my figures never needed a piano but now they've got one, they're never off it!

    Also did you see you mythtic warriors skeleton review was featured on the official Boss Fight Studio facebook page?

    1. GOOD! I'm glad I'm gettin' people on these - they're fantastic and everyone should have some (skeletons or accessories, both are amazing). I'm also glad I'm not alone in wanting a grand piano for my figures for no reason I can fathom.

      AND NO, I didn't know my post was featured there! AWESOME, thanks for pointing that out! When I check my blog stats, any hits I get from Facebook just say "facebook" but don't actually tell me WHERE on Facebook.

  3. I brought my pose skeleton with me to the board game geek convention a couple weeks ago, and one of the guys I game with said, as soon as he saw me, "do you have Skeletor?" I think I mentioned before that everyone I know has a different name for my pose skeleton.

    I did have Skeletor, of course, because he has always been there.