Tuesday, May 24, 2016


HA, remember when I was working on the MotUC Castle Grayskull review and constantly promised when it would be done?  Welcome back!

I just received my all-in order from Boss Fight Studios' kickstarter - the entirety of the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. toyline!  All....all of it.  Everything.

It's a lot.

I actually had gotten the smaller first wave awhile back and STILL didn't get to it yet, and now I have ALL of it, so....as you can imagine, I'm going to separate it into parts.  Many parts.

Thankfully these are SO MUCH FUN, YOU GUYS AND GALS. 

I mean, there's skeletons, and they have trigger fingers, so they can hold guns and let me be honest: If that were ALL THEY WERE I would be happy.  I mean, what more do you need than the skeletons with guns in their hands?

Well apparently what more I needed was glow in the dark figures with translucent armor? 

...perhaps I should have known that was something I needed. 

Anyway, this is just a post to tell you that I'm gona be working on this whenever I can, and many posts after this are probably gona be HACKS related.  Because I have it all. 

In the mean time, when I'm not working on them, I'll be continuing to work on this:

The little beast requires constant attention.  Look at him!  Look at his malicious, hate-filled visage.  He's looking to replace me at any moment. 


  1. I live in constant fear of somehow messing up my Total Action Toddler. Like one wrong thing I say and BAM she's a mess of a child for life. :c

    1. We can only hope they end up the same kind of mess that we are, because at least we managed something!

    2. My Total Action Year old has decided now that he has mastered pulling himself to a standing position to skip walking and go straight to climbing. Nothing gives you a heart attack to turn away long enough to write down an item you realized wasn't on the grocery list, to turn back and see him on top of the little tikes picnic table his 4 & 5 year old brothers eat at.

      I turn 38 this year, he doesn't give me a fatal heart attack by 40 I'll be surprised. I'm just glad we have a gate preventing him from crawling into the hallway so he can't get to the stairs.

    3. So far, me turning around results in flipping baby! He's learned to flip himself onto his stomach, which would be fine, if it didn't result in him spitting up and/or just generally drooling all over the place. He can hold his head up nicely, but not forever, so whatever pile of juices he left will be on his face when his head drops. While on his stomach, he's tried to move, but has so far been unsuccessful. His newest attempts have been to drop the push-ups and try kicking his legs like a madman, but this still has yielded no results in the movement category. He's learning...testing the gate like a raptor. It won't be long until he's moving and eating whole cows and Samuel L. Jackson.

  2. Replies
    1. I hacked life once, but I just got blocked by the firewall. Fire is hot, man!

  3. Replies
    1. It really is the best out of the armor sets, next to the translucent red set.

    2. Translucent Red is one I need to get. Pre-Ordered the Green and aother Red


  4. As neat as these guys are, I hate that they only offered MIB shipping. It's as dumb as the GIJCC's requirement that the FSS figures ship in-package (doubly dumb in their case since the convention figures are available in bagged versions). Shipping on these to Canada was murder, which is why I passed on 'em.

    And Alex: trust me, the little ones plot to overthrow the parental units from the moment they're out of the womb. It's like they're all little baby Starscreams.
    Even then, I'd probably only grab one to make a Golobulus custom. 'Cause I'm weird like that.


      ... he's going to be a Jawa, we all know that.

    2. No worries man, mine is gona be a cybernetic nightmare! He'll get used to it I'm sure. Better than him overthrowing me! NEVER, CHILD! DO YOU HEAR?!

      ...then again, the cybernetics might backfire on me when he's roaming an apocalyptic future trying to hunt me down. Better get some for myself as well, hmmm...