Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Don't Make a 'Frozen' Joke (Oct. '12)

I told myself I wasn't going to make a "Frozen" joke in the title, so I didn't.

Hey, you wana check out the first member of the Great Rebellion, beyond Adora and She-Ra?  And the Star Sisters?  And Bow?  Back in 2012?  Sure you do!

Frosta was the first regular female member of the Great Rebellion to be released, at the time.  I didn't count the Star Sisters, 'cause they were originally unreleased prototypes in the main line, and they're bascially Goddesses.  Frosta was a regularly released toy in the old Princess of Power toyline, so she's the first of those to be produced in MotuC!  It's cool, 'cause she was one of the figures I was most looking forward to.

At the time, I was looking forward to seeing some styling taken directly from the toys, but the Star Sisters pretty much killed that idea - so Frosta is mostly designed off of her Filmation cartoon look (with little bits of toy designs thrown in).

The major thing about that fact is her face: They tried for a cartoon look.  If you look at the toon's face, you can see what they were going for.  It...sorta half-way gets there.  It looks superb from the side!

Seems to get all the details right.  But head on, it's good, but not perfect.  Some people were WAY up in arms about it, and I can see why.  Me?  I'm not that bothered by it, and less so as time went on.  The overall product is good, for me, so I don't really mind.

Still, I feel it should be mentioned.

Functionality wise, she's perfect!  All the joints work well, and the sculpting of her hair means she can look side to side with no problem!  Plus, her hair was cast in translucent plastic and painted, so that's cool!

Alexx loves translucent things, so this is an immediate plus.

And speaking of translucent:

Frosta comes with a staff with a pinwheel on top (spokes in clear blue) and a blue translucent shield with silver and light blue highlights!  LOVE that shield, lemme tell ya.  This is the second in a long line of Great Rebellion shields, by the way.  She-Ra comes with a gold one, and Frost with this clear blue one, and then it all dominoes on down to EVERYONE (just about) with a different colored shield to match them.  I like it, because I sorta use the shield as a symbol of the Rebellion.

The staff is a different thing in the various stories surrounding Frosta, so lemme list:

 - In the vintage toy, the staff is a whistle.  You blow in it, it annoys your parents and spins the wheel!

 - In the minicomics, I think she gets her ice powers from the staff.

 - in the cartoon, Frosta is just Iceman.  She shoots ice out of her hands at will and even makes those classic Iceman ice sleds to move around on.  I'm not even sure if the staff shows up in the toon!

Personally, I like the idea that she's just good with ice magic, and the staff amplifies it and creates wind to stretch her powers out even further.  She'll be able to ice without it, but she's far more devastating with it.

She holds the staff well, though it is thicker at the top, so if you have her holding it at the top for awhile, it'll stretch her hand a bit.  Pretty much nothing, for most of you, but it's always worth noting (for my picky ass).

Now, since this is an ice-powered figure and nature has seen fit to dump her god-awful foot and a half of dandruff on us once again: I took some outside shots!

I feel like her face looks a lot better in the natural lighting, as well as my pictures!  Look at that shit!  UNF!  That is some grade-A photographical prowess!  Because my camera is nice!  YES!

Finally, I decided that, since Frosta is all magical, she could feasibly use the blue fire effects that I have.  Because COLD FIRE!  That's why.

In the end, this isn't a spectacular figure; neither is it a bad one.  Middle of the road, perhaps?  I can't really recommend it to everyone, 'cause I think it has to mean something to ya.  I think she could have been "buy at all costs" material with a slightly better face and some ice effects, but as she is, she just looks cool.

For me: I just always wanted female figures, when I was growing up.  I didn't have a single female in the MotU line, and none from PoP, because I doubt anyone thought to get me those (and, being a standard boy of the 80's and 90's, I probably wouldn't have admitted wanting something from a "girl's" toyline, sad to say).  Collecting the PoP characters in MotUC is very important to me, and Frosta was high on my list, so that's why she's a heavy hitter for me.  Beyond my personal feeling, though: She's just average.

As a side note: She also happens to be the ONLY Princess of Power figure that my wife had, back in the day.  Crazy how this works out!

So this one isn't worth hunting down with fervor, but I think she's important, story wise, and is a decent figure all around.  The choice is yours!


  1. I just the checked the site a couple of hours ago and slunk away disappointed. Now there is a new post already? What is this madness?

    I agree with your review. Frosta is a nice figure, but not great. She desperately needed ice effects.

    I love the pics of Frosta and the Horde troopers in the snow.

    What is that horrid thing next to Frosta? That's Iceman?

    Also, bravo on the Pinwheel reference. I remember that show. I always liked that one and Eureeka's Castle as a kid.

    Bravo, Alexx.

    1. This madness is me totally finishing the review on the day I'm supposed to have it ready to post! Someday I'll figure out how to prepare a buffer...

      I've been hunting all over for some nice ice effects for her, but nothing really grabs me. The blue fire ended up working better than I thought, actually!

      Thank you, I think I could have done more of a battle in the snow, but it was cold and I was tired of balancing on my haunches. There's no where to sit out there! You'd think - living in a frozen wasteland for part of the year - that I'd have some better winter clothes, but NOPE.

      That is indeed Iceman, from some Marvel Legends series awhile back. Not sure which, but it was Toybiz. He's a fine example of the WRONG, from back then, but it doesn't mean it was all bad. The bad was BAD, though. Yech. It was certainly a time of over articulated figures to the point of redundancy.

      Yay, old things! I remember them, and enjoy mentioning that I remember them. And yes, Eureeka's Castle rocked! To this day my wife and I still play "Slime", which is just a simple rhyming game, but damnit, I got it from Eureeka's Castle!

      Thanks again!

  2. She gave those Swat Bots the cold boot! (I refuse to see those as anything else!)

    I didn't notice until now, but the pics from you're new camera look all HD-riffic. Especially the shots with the fire. Ice-fire. ...fice. Ire!!

    1. Next time I do some Sonic shots, I'll have to use the Horde Troopers as Swat Bots!

      And yeah, some of those pics just turn out AWESOME! I just need to figure out how to make them ALL like that.

  3. Do you have the ice Destro from Pursuit of Cobra? IIRC he came with some ice effects. Not sure how they'd look on Frosta, though.
    I don't miss Toy Biz. Their QC was all over the place. I guess I've never been a big fan of Marvel Legends, either...they always seemed like a bizarre mashup of "quality collectors' toys" and "cheap as hell."

    1. I do have that Destro! It's just the ice parts are so small, compared to Frosta, that they would just clip to her wrists and not look much like a blast. At least, if I did use them, I'd have to add the rest with the paint program.

      Yeah, I am still afraid to pick up some of my old Toy Biz stuff. Some of them are still breaking! I just picked up Pyro a year or so back, and his leg just fell off. I can't even count on figures I used to mess with all the time! Iceman was even repaired, already. His pelvis just broke apart, though superglue has done a good job keeping him together for years now.

      I've been on and off with Marvel Legends. I was trying to replace them all with Marvel Universe joe-sized ones, but for some reason, they seem to be moving away from those and going back to focusing heavily on 6 inch! I don't get it! Now that some big wants are coming in 6 inch form, I find myself wanting to finish off some old collections started with Toy Biz's stuff (even though I did get rid of a small chunk of my Marvel Legends, already).

      As for Hasbro's efforts: I haven't run into a "cheap as hell" one in a long time, beyond some questionable choices with molds. I think they've mostly replaced all their terrible body types, by now. So far that I can tell. One way or another, I don't think we've gotten figures as good as the ones we've gotten recently.

  4. Nice Tamashii effects use!

    Also Horde trooper post when?

    1. Thanks! Those flames are probably gona appear ridiculously often. I friggin' love those things.

      And the Horde Troopers will appear....um, later. I'm doing these in the order in which I received them, for some reason, and they're in the tail end of 2013.

  5. I have to ask.. Been wondering since the Castle Grayskull posts... Where did the toy sofa come from?

    1. My wife got 'em for me the Christmas before last - they were at Hobby Lobby in the doll house section. I'm sure they would show up in any place that has a section like that....can't remember what brand they were, though. It came with two chairs and the couch. There's a bunch of other stuff, though! I'd like to get some of the other items, like this kitchen set with a fridge and stove (and a few other items). There's also different furniture, like black leather chairs and a couch. It's neat stuff!

    2. Cool! I bought a few stuff from them before (online) but not furniture yet. I thought it might by Hobby Lobby but I didn't recognize the design compared to the pictures of stuff on their website.


    He should be the Boba Fett of the MOTUC line. He ends up joining whatever team I have set up. Currently the team is revoltech Kenshiro, 2012 Raphael, Arms Change Kachadoki Gaim, ML Beta Ray Bill, and Draego.

    I really dig alpha-bitch She-Ra. MORE PEC-PILLOWS.

    I'm also endlessly entertained by the thought that Castle Grayskull is the toy version of a "Friends" apartment.

    1. YAY I SHARE YOUR EXCITEMENT! And that team sounds CRAZY. They've got everything covered! Fire, ninjaing, exploding punches, alien horsebeasting, and orange fresh scent! THEY CAN'T LOSE!

      Yeah, I dunno how She-Ra ended up like this, but it's fun and probably isn't going to chance. I know she ends up like this in future package shots, so you can expect more.

      HA! Man that is fantastic! "I'll be there for you, IN A CASTLE WITH A SKUUUULL." I would watch this show. I would watch it and cherish it.

  7. I actually don't mind her face. I don't have a ton of Princess of Power cartoon memories, outside of the Horde characters, so nothing nostalgic there (face-wise). I also never had the original figure, so no nostalgia there either. I did know of the character before I finally got her, so I'm glad to have her fleshing out the Great Rebellion ranks, so for me, I just like her as she is.

    Also, you didn't mention that her forearms are reversed. It's another one of those things that had a few people freaking out, but never really bothered me. I suppose the tops of her gloves are facing the wrong way? Was that all it was? Anyway, I just like talking about things that really get to people, and saying, "I don't see it".

    1. Yeah, the face doesn't bother me that much. Just looks a little odd at certain angles - completely apart from any sort of nostalgia, 'cause I don't remember much from the toon anyway. Main thing is that she was one of the figures I was looking forward to the most, when I originally went through the archives of the PoP figures.

      Ha! Forgot about the forearm thing. Yeah, doesn't need to be mentioned. You can't even tell that anything is off.