Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sonic Boom: Dr. Robuffnik and his Eggmobile

I want to say that Jazwares lost the Sonic the Hedgehog license....but they're still listed on the Jazwares site.  SO: here's a new item from Tomy, who - I guess - have the license to the new Sonic Boom cartoon that's coming up.

Can you tell who it is?  It ain't Robotnik's brother, I can tell ya that!  It's straight up Robotnik, but for this new series, he's all BUFF.  In fact, I think the Sonic fans were up in arms about some of the redesigns for the classic characters.  Most of 'em look the same with some superfluous bandages wrapped around 'em, with only Knuckles also BEEFING up like Robotnik.

Doesn't matter.  You know why I bought this thing on sight?

YEAH, Eggmobile!  Robotnik's classic ill whip for ridin' dirty.  It's styled off of how it looks in the new show, but who the heck cares?  The basic round design of his ship hasn't changed much over the years, and they went REAL classic for the show, so it stands in for an all-around Eggmobile with any of your current Sonic collection.  ...right?  Your Sonic collection?

I'm the only one of you with a Sonic collection, aren't I.

Lets move on.

It's a hefty little bugger and sports wheels on the bottom for rolling FUN!  The main gimmick is a zip cord that you stick in and rip out to rev up the wheels - THEN LET 'ER GO.  It moves pretty fast, but the shape of this thing just throws it at an angle soon after takeoff and drunkenly smashes the wall for some jail time.  You know Robotnik can just bail himself out, though.  Or Metal Sonic heaves a big sigh and breaks him out, either one.

The back is open, for some reason; but it works.  Allows Robotnik to fully sit in the vehicle and look a little better.  He's supposed to stand in it, technically.

BUT OOOOH that Robotnik!  I gotta say: I like the look!  It's powerful and commanding.  And he looks pissed!  Super pissed.

He's got less articulation than the Jazwares figures, but what he does have is perfect for the size.  He doesn't really need to strike too many dynamic poses, and his pointing finger along with outwardly moving shoulders and the turning head get you more options than you'd think.

But WHO CARES MAN, can classic Robotnik fit in there, can he, HUH CAN HE?!

Yeah, pretty much!  It ain't perfect, but it certainly works for me.  I mean, in the game, he's supposed to be sitting WAY down in there (somehow) but this looks great anyway!  He could technically sit down further if you cut the sides down, but I don't wana modify this thing.  If YOU did, I'm sure you could get it to fit his impossibly spherical ass.  Just need some elbow grease!  Right on his ass.  Rub it in.

See?  Doesn't even look out of place!  It was heck to get that heavy thing up on a stand, but if you can string him up, you'll finally have Robotnik in his Eggmobile!  If I were prone to customization, I'd be tempted to get more of these and modify them with various items to mimic his boss forms in the old games.

You can also pop an Eggrobo in there to recreate your favorite Sonic & Knuckles scenes!  Like the final boss...*sigh* I feel like I'm talkin' to myself.  Raise your hand if you know what I'm trying to display up there.  Anyone beat Knuckles' mode on Sonic & Knuckles hooked to Sonic 3?  It was awesome, man!

Trust me.

This thing is great, folks.  If I'm somehow reaching Sonic fans that remember the old days (and are also toy collectors), then you finally got an Eggmobile!  If you're the younger folks, well, check it out!  It's a fun little toy and will be a must-have if you want Sonic to have someone to tussle with.

Plus, I mean: ROBUFFNIK!

Come on man, don't be a bully to tyrants.  It ain't cool.


  1. Well you gotta admit I have a point.

    1. It's gona be a serious challenge to find something that the fire WON'T work with.

  2. The answer to the long awaited question, does Robotnik even lift? Yes, yes he does.

    1. HA! Maybe I should have called him RoBROnik.

  3. I never beat Sonic & Knucks but I can accurately call myself an old-school Sonic fan. Back in the day I was legit obsessed with the Genesis Sonic games and I did indeed have a subscription to the Archie comic...or at least I bought every issue when it came out. I also would watch the insanity-riddled "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon whenever possible.

    If only they would make Scratch and Grounder figures...

    1. Aw man, the Sonic cartoon with the Freedom Fighters (SatAM, I think the fans call it) was AWESOME. Died way too soon, rest in peace. At least the comics continued the idea, and yeah, I had a bunch of those (started with the Sonic & Knuckles special). I watched the goofy cartoon a bunch too, but it was more like something to be on the TV than really watching it. Regardless....I totally want a Scratch and Grounder, too. They're the only things I really remember from the show.

  4. Nice to see someone be so positive about the Sonic Boom toyline! My only gripe is the main eight (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot) characters have toys, Shadow and Metal Sonics figures are coming soon but what about the rest of the line? We'd better not drown in repacks and repaints! Are the gonna give the more obscure characters toys? I'll have a Dave the intern please Tomy!

    1. Well, technically I was mostly excited to use this with the classic Robotnik, but yes, actually, I DO like the Sonic Boom toys! While the Jazwares stuff might be thier only success story, I gotta say, Tomy is doing great with the Boom stuff. Better QC, less articulation for less problems (but not so little that they aren't fun), and they match the size of the previous jazwares stuff so you can use them together (which is great for Tails, who is finally shorter than Sonic and looks great with all the tech stuff on him).

      I've been meaning to go over the main team at some point, but haven't gotten to it!