Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Never Too Late: Castle Grayskull

Finally, MotUC Castle Grayskull!  And not the slightest bit suspect!

I gotta tell ya, this thing is a way more disappointing than I thought.  They didn't deliver on any of the promises: The paint job is just a uniform blackish-green, the details are all fuzzy, and the thing DOESN'T EVEN OPEN.  Where are all the features we were promised, Mattel?  HUH?!

There it is: One feature.  The ledge on the side of the front.  COME ON MAN.

Not even a secret door in the back!  They said there would be one!  I do like the sorta stairwell back there, but it's no excuse for the total lack of nearly all the promised features.  YET ANOTHER FAIL, MATTEL.  All I ask is that you use precious oil for plastic that I can set up and look at, and YOU DO THIS.  Good god, man.

...any of this catching on?  You likin' this?  Foolin' ya a little?  DID I GETTCHA?!

HA HAAAAAAAA yeah, right at the end of the day!  Someday I'll plan one of these, but for now, you get this.  Don't worry, the real Grayskull is gona be underway, folks.  Sooooner or later...


  1. For a second I felt like I was on a forum. Wonder why...?

  2. Replies
    1. YES! *checks "have someone call him diabolical" off the list*

  3. Replies
    1. The joke it that I'm lazy! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

    2. Ohhhh, okay! Then yeah, I get it!

  4. You fiend! How dare you toy with a mans emotions of things plastic in nature.

    1. You're right, mysterious fellow! I feel remorse and I must repent. If only I could figure out who you are so that I can properly aim my repentance...

  5. Dang it!! I've been waiting for the motuc review for ever. You got my hopes so high then dashed them!! Blast you, Alexx!!