Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Schwag Brag: Batmins, Spittermin, Blind Bagged Tenkai, and Others

IT'SH DA SCHWAAAG BRAAAG!  Play on swag bag.  Well, "schwag" isn't playing on anything, I just like how it sounds.  Anyway, I figure I can take up space by telling you what I've bought recently.  That way I have an easy post and a way for you to tell me what you want covered!  Also: LOOK I HAVE THINGS.

First up is the Winter Solider, from the current Captain America 2 movie toyline.  Joe sized.  He's neat, but he comes with a giant 90's missile launcher and nothing else.  There's this thing Hasbro is doing with a Captain America role-play helmet that has places to stick these ridiculous missile launchers that come with the Joe sized figures.  Guess you can collect them and build an accurate Captain America mask, complete with his trademark head missiles.  Yeah!

Winter Solider looks good, but you need to give him guns.  I'll show you if I feel like it, but you can let me know in the comments if you want me to go in-depth on 'em.  That's how this whole Schwag Brag'll work! 

Tenkai Knights started doing Blind Bags!  Normally these can be hit or miss with me (especially if I can't tell what's in 'em) but they did the smart thing in a couple ways.  For one, they only made about six different figures.  For two, they're all army builder types.  Getting doubles hurts a lot less that way!  Also, you can tell with a quick feel if you're getting those monster things up there, or a humanoid figure (just feel for a helmet).  The bad looking dudes sorta match the badguy, and the red, blue, and yellow guys match three different heros, so they can each have their own troops.  Cool! 

I'll be going over these in-depth later though, 'cause I'm still on the Tenkai coverage train. 

Since we're on building figures: I found this on clearance!  Dunno why I passed it up for so long.  I love mechs!  This one is especially nice 'cause it's all Feudal and is driven by a ninja.

More blind bags!  Playmobil toys have been doing blind bags for a bit now, and they really stuff the coolest ideas into them!  These are a little basic, but I've got a bunch of various interesting ones (like a clear robot with a glowing head) and I'm not gona stop getting them any time soon. 

Hey, Robocop!  Of course I bought this.  He's...okay.  Articulation isn't terrible, but his human hand can't hold his pistol.  You move his arm and it just falls out.  BAH.  I like 'em as a basic toy, though.  Just doesn't have the same appeal as the classic design, for me.

Turtle Sub!  I'm gona go over this later, of course.  I'm always covering the Turtles!  This is part of the newest stuff, but I haven't seen any of the new singles, yet.  Just the vehicles.  The sub is neat and simple, but was obviously shoved into the 20 dollar price range by hacking off features one by one.  The thing couldn't even afford two spring loaded missile launchers!  Just one, and the other is a flick-missile launcher (flick the back and it launches through your own POWER).  Not that I care - I mean, since when were missile launchers actually exciting? 

Anyway, I'll cover 'em later on and you can see the full scoop.

BATMINS TIME.  These are Joe sized Batman villains in video-game style.  From Batman's most current games...Arkham Asylum, City, and Origins.  Mr. Freeze and Azrael (if you don't know who's who, then just skip this all together).  They're neat!  Just could use some bicep swivels.  Otherwise they've got a nice, basic range of motion and manage to hit a midway point between toy and collectable.  Only real gripe I have is that Azrael's sword is soft as bread, but not as tasty.  Could tie that thing in a knot. 

Now this one has left the midway point between toy and collectable and went straight to TOY.  Animated, exaggerated, and packed with gimmicky weapons!  This one is (coincidentally) designed off of Azrael's suit when he took over for Batman.  I love that design, so I grabbed 'em.  He's just got cut joints for hips and shoulders, but they did give him knee and elbow joints, so he's a bit more than your average kid-focused little guy (in the superhero genre, anyway.  Seems like everyone wants to get basic, limited articulation superheros out there as much as possible now). 

He's fun to mess with and he comes with a giant axe and handcuff!  The axe can attach to the handcuff because FFFFTTT I don't know!  Who cares?  Main thing is that, on the back of the package, Batman has Joker in the handcuff and is about to chop his shit with an axe.  Awesome.

And speaking of kid's stuff: Total Heroes Batman!  They started this Total Heroes line after DC Universe died.  Not really as a replacement, but as a new line with a simplified style and pricepoint.  These cost as much as a Joe sized figure right now!  Ten bucks.  A steal for a 6 inch figure, at the moment.  I don't know why, but the DC Universe never fully caught on for me.  I think it was the impossible distribution and my unwillingness to go online and try to collect it.  Not worth it.

Now though, with this line totally DESTROYING the minds of adult collectors, I can pretty much waltz in an get some nice animated designs for some basic characters without having to waste gas money looking around.  AND play value!  This is the first Batman in a long time to be able to store his batarangs on his belt!  I'm really liking the looks of this line, and I may be getting into it.  With that in mind, I may also cover this guy a bit in his own review.  We'll see.

Moving into Marvel: This is Marvel Universe Mysterio.  My favorite Mysterio yet! He's allowed to just look cool without a crazy action feature to mess 'em up.  Best part is that he's got a head underneath the dome to allow for a silhouette.  You can almost see that he's got a head in there, but not quite.  It's a neat feature!  Also: his head is an unpainted Chameleon head, no doubt.  I assume we'll see him at some point.

*sigh* I told myself I wouldn't get another 6 inch Spider-Man after the McFarlane one, but here I am.  There were just so many cool reviews online!  This one has got some KILLER articulation that allows for the best Spider-Man poses ever.  Couldn't pass him up.  It's the look for the new movie, but come on: that's a basic Spider-Man, right there!  He's perfect!  So far, anyway.  I'd like to review 'em and see how he stands up to play.  He's stiffer than I would like, but the poses you can get out of him are top-notch.  Also: FISTS.  Yeah!  You know how many years I spent having my various Spider-Man figures punch badguys with an open hand or a web-shooting hand?  THIS IS LONG OVERDUE.

And finally: I haven't mentioned that I kinda went crazy and got into Kamen Rider, have I?  I bought the first version of Kamen Rider in my last trip to Disney World, and spent a couple nights looking up ALL THE INFO on him and the various series through the years.  This is an S.H. Figuarts figure of the Shocker Rider - the evil version of the hero, go figure!  Of course.  Of course Alexx bought the evil version of the hero.  There's actually supposed to be six of these guys - all with different colored scarves - so the figure comes with said scarves so you can portray any of them.  And it comes with a briefcase because...something in the TV show, I'm sure.  Doesn't matter: it's cool! 

I'd like to cover my new obsession, but...later.  Anyway, he's called a Shocker Rider 'cause the badguy organization Kamen Rider fights against is called Shocker.  Heh.  HEHE.  HUUUUHHH. *snort*  Ah, don't worry about it.  I'm good. 

AhhhhHHHH that's all for the Schwag Brag!  If'n you want me to give one of these toys its own post, lemme know in the comments and I'll promptly ignore you.  What are you, my boss?  GEEZE, MAN.

...but seriously, I'll consider it.  I love you.


  1. Replies
    1. Never a more famous kick. Even more powerful than a roundhouse from The Chuck Norris Meme.

  2. The Ninja Mech, I love seeing the spirit of LEGO Exo-Force live on.

    1. Yeah, who woulda thought that would come back in Ninjago? It's too bad they don't do the mech thing more often, though Galaxy Squad had come nice ones.

    2. Oh they turn up from time to time, anything that uses those joints or the large Knights Kingdom figures.

      Things like the new Superhero Squad Pacific Rim-a-like reminds me of them, the Lex Luthor Mech suit, that giant robot from the Agents line.

      Good stuff.

  3. Aw man, I love those green flying things from Tenkai Knights. They're much greener than I expected. Aside from that, you don't need to ask us what to cover. We'll just be waiting with baited breath until you tell us what you want to cover. And we'll support what ever decision you make.

    Because we're givers.

    1. DAMN RIGHT YOU WILL *ahem* I mean, thanks man, you're a peach! All ya'll are peaches.

  4. Ready to see if you can escape the rabbit hole?
    Look up SH Figuarts Fuwa Juzo.

    Try not to buy that.

    Then look up any Ultra Act.

    Try not to buy those eithers.

    If you like Kamen Rider, you will LOVE those.

    1. Oh yeah, I got the regular Power Rangers Samurai version of that Juzo guy (think they called him Dekker). Great toy! Kind of a holy trinity of my interests: red and white, carries a sword, and is Skeleton-based. All he needs is to be a robot (of course, I would have totally made him a robot back in the day). I of course wanted the Figuarts version, but naturally he's an exclusive, and as such is way over the amount I'd want to pay for him. The Shocker Rider was exclusive too and pushing it at 60, but Juzo is going for 80 or more....and that goes past my limits for one figure that is usually around 35 to 45.

      As for Ultra Act: I've got my eye on a few! There's one Ultraman (with this articulated body under a spandex suit) I've had for years that lost his head not long ago, and I was thinking of making that my first Ultra Act (turns out he was Ultraman Tiga, Sky Type). Beyond that, it'll all be whatever looks cool - which is a lot. (There's this thing called a Jean-Bot that caught my eye in terms of colors and ROCKET PUNCH).