Friday, August 31, 2012

Alexx Shorts: Dollar General Storm Shadow

Murder murder murder!  It's all murder when you murder with murder! 

You can murder here or you can murder there!

Well, maybe murder is a little harsh.  Wait no - this is a NINJA we're talkin' about!  We all know he drinks murder like a fine wine.


  1. Once again the dollar store figures bring the goods.

    Ninja Force Stormy is a great design to homage, sure he's missing the gold and the snow flakes, but it's close enough. DAT CONTRAST.

    Plus using that beast of a mold of the 30th Storm Shadow is never wrong (though I hate to brag, but I do have that version, so sexy).

    If money and opportunity permit, I will buy every single Ninja using this body and variations, like the terrific Red Ninja with the new ankles.

    Now bring on the Red Ninja reviews and future Black Dragon Ninja (Retaliation wave 3 or 4 I think), we must NINJA FIGHT!

    1. No problems there! I'm moving back to the Retaliation figures after this one; in terms of Joes, anyway. I'ma do some other things here first, and catch back up on some more MotUC stuff (like there isn't already enough of that on here).

      And MAN I'm gona have a hard time not getting a ton of those Black Dragon Ninjas. I's a Ninja action figure. Just ninjas! So hard to resist...

  2. I hope some of those concept case Ninjas infiltrate the release schedule next year.

    Not just that Updated Night Creeper that I dream about every 2nd week, but the Ghost ninja with the skull head, BEAST NINJA! and all those guys.

    It'll just mean one step closer to my dream. Ninja Force Nightcreeper coloured like the comic with a real soft goods cloak (like the Vintage Collection Gamorrean).

    Also Hasbro, repaint and mix up the movie Jinx mold, I'm an equal opportunities assassin's fan.

    1. I KNOW. That Ghost Ninja made me emit such a groan when I saw him. JUST friggin' missed having a damned ghost ninja! WITH A SKULL FOR A HEAD! Agh! What is it with the design team coming up with awesome and interesting ideas but then those ideas just get flushed? I hope we see some of that concept case stuff. Since the Retaliation line is so ninja oriented, I think there is room to shove in some of those crazy ninjas.

    2. He could hang out with Scare Glow! And I can imagine him shooting lightning out of his hands. Maybe some Art of the Fire Wheel. All up in there.

  3. They're just asking for some online box set releases. Or an extra wave/store exclusive set of figures.

    They could also re-release that Ninja playset you use to great comedy effect, maybe expand it with more DOJO bits.

    They've really nailed the Ninjas, we've come a long way since the 25th Storm Shadow. Now can they do the same with Budo and naile the Samurai look?

    1. Yeah, those are always problematic. I never end up getting many of the boxed sets 'cause I gotta drop the money for all the figures at one time. I've gotten a few, but mostly they always end up being up in the air compared to the normal store-sold stuff. I'd probably break for it if it had the Ghost Ninija, though.

      Anyway, here's hoping they move to Budo sometime! The Retaliation line seems to be the perfect place for him, honestly. Would be cool to see some of the Ninja Force guys as well.

  4. I have to pay through the nose for my Joes anyway, so multipacks end up being way cheaper. BUSHIDO and NUNCHUCK get my vote. Ah hell, Punk Rock Ninja Zartan too.

    Add at ZOmbie Storm Shadow and black clad zombie ninja for the braaaaains. And we have a deal (who am I kidding I'll buy the Ninja sets no matter what or who).