Monday, August 27, 2012

Alexx Shorts: Dollar General Duke

Time for another Alexx Shorts!  If you squint really hard I think you can see this as Duke, but why would you do that?  There are so many Dukes out there already - let this guy be someone else!

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  1. Well my hunger for the dollar store figures is very severe. But my need for the Retaliation Joe Trooper has just sky rocketed.

    You just had to kit-bash him into Spy Troops era Crosshairs. Who is the best ever and looks vaguely like the late John Ritter (sans beard).

    1. Yeah the need for the Joe Trooper should be high on everyone's lists! Best Joe in a long time. Just...everything works on him. Everything.

      And yeah, I've been looking for good Cross Hair parts for awhile, but nothing really got across the same look that his original head did. This one is PERFECT. The head is always the hard part; the rest just falls into place after that!

  2. I'd order a whole set/case just for that Joe Trooper (I do get the bonus Red Ninja which one is never enough).

    Decisions, decisions.

    It might be better to wait for next year, in case Hasbro decides to sell Joes in NZ again, else it's imports forever.